Review Revue: The Rain Parade – Emergency Third Rail Power Trip

I was too young to be aware of the whole Paisley Underground scene at the time it was happening – of course I couldn’t possibly miss their two most famous products, The Bangles and Mazzy Star, but I had no notion of their connection to this scene (or even its existence). Somewhere along the line I heard the term, and the names of some of the lesser-known bands involved — such as The Rain Parade — but it was never a genre of music I found myself exploring too much.

As I read these comments and read up on the genre a bit, though, I find myself wondering: has there ever been a time since the ’60s ended when people weren’t making music influenced by the ’60s? It seems sometimes that ’60s nostalgia literally started on New Year’s Day, 1970, and hasn’t let up since. But no one seemed to mind in 1983 (except for that one guy), so I guess maybe it’s time for me to kick off my mid-’90s nostalgia scene. Anyone out there making music in the vein of Alanis Morissette, Coolio, and/or The Goo Goo Dolls who wants to join me?

“LA is a-happening! More of the fab ‘new’ neo-psychedelic sound. Lots of Voxxed-out guitars that sound like sitars. Often dreamy, sing-song vocals. YEAH! Many of these songs have appeared elsewhere (Warf Rat, Radio Tokyo, Singles), but most are new versions. Another SP pick. Hot!”

“I love this band. Now where can I get this record?”

“Discount records import section…”

“Representing the minority opinion, I just thought I’d say I think this LP sucks. OKy… there. I said it. (I liked the Byrds the 1st time ’round.)”

“I think you should have kept your pencap on, DW. This record is great in every sense of the world.”

“Yes, but not every sense of the word.”

“It’s OK, MG! I took care of DW in a Russian Chain Match, & he won’t be writing for a L-O-N-G time! -Mr. Wrestling #1″

“After long reflection, I have to admit I respect DW’s opinion. Get me outta here.”

“It still is brilliant now in ’91 – can’t get enuff.”

“1.1 features Kendra Smith, offering a preview of what’s to come in Opal.”

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