Review Revue: Half Japanese – The Band That Would Be King

The holidays are always a great time for arguments with family members, aren’t they? If you’re feeling the need for a real blow-out with your conservative uncle or hippy-dippy cousin, but the old topics — politics, religion, personal hygiene, what have you — just aren’t packing the same punch — consider throwing on a Half Japanese record. A few songs in, just ask “so what do you think?” and watch the fireworks fly!

“I’ve always been relatively bored by them/him. His voice certainly adds to the boredom. The minimal, low budget, sound to the music is of course part and parcel of his songwriting + lyrics but also unintriguing. A few on here I’d play, but in general I don’t care for what’s going on here. M.” [Notice that after all that he still recommends medium rotation. Huh.]

“This is basically a Jad Fair, not 1/2 Japanese album. I don’t think anyone besides Jad has been on previous 1/2 Japanese LPs. [Is it just me, or do those two sentences together not make any sense?] If you’ve heard Jad Fair music before, you know what to expect. There’s some good recordings here, but they don’t match up to his best recordings. M or L.”

“I find the singing here far less irritating than past LPs. Still not great, but I see it as a vast improvement.”

“I love this LP a lot.”

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One Comment

  1. The Wondermoose
    Posted July 22, 2013 at 10:59 am | Permalink

    This is the best album ever.
    If you breathe oxygen you need to hear this thing.
    It seriously makes the Beatles seem like Barry Manilow.

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