Review Revue: Thee Headcoats – The Kids Are All Square, This Is Hip!

You know what’s kind of scary? When the entire staff of a college radio station agrees on a band. It was July 1990, and everyone who cared to chime in seemed to love Thee Headcoats — the worst anyone could find to say was seemingly some weeks (or months) later, when they still loved it but had maybe heard it a bit too much for now. Billy Childish and his gang achieved the seemingly impossible task of uniting a gang of snarky college DJs in approval. Maybe we should have gotten them involved in the Middle East peace process somehow.

“Man oh man do these guys light my fire. They’re back and they sound more like the Kingsmen and the Strangeloves than ever! More songs about Indians and Davey Crockett! Just as raw and unsophisticated as ever! Try 1.1, 1.3, 1.4, 2.1, 2.3, 2.6.”

“Playing w/Beat Happening & Mudhoney on Sat., July the 14th at the Motosports Int’l Garage. I think ‘Cowboys Are Square’ is the only single we already have.”

“This is really neat music!”

“Hey Man!”

“Roots R&R like Girl Trouble only sillier.”


“Really cool, but starting to get old.”

“Check out ‘Monkey’s Paw.’ What a great song! Turn this one up all the way.”

“‘Cowboys Are Square’ – basically ‘Louie Louie’ (right down to the guitar solo) with new lyrics. Cute.”

“Better than I remember them. Great song themes. [?] Can’t miss w/most any selection.”

“I love this, but it’s been in H too long.”

“What fun!”

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