Review Revue: The Cure – Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me

I just realized on my last visit to the KEXP vinyl stacks that I have made a grievous error. I’ve been doing this column for years now (wait, that’s not the error; there’s more) and I have somehow neglected to cover even one album by The Cure! Of course there were many to choose from, and most of them had a ton of comments on them. I originally hoped to find a very early release with reviews reflecting the fact that this was a brand new band — who wouldn’t want to hear what college radio DJs had to say about The Cure the first time they heard them? — but nothing quite fit along those lines, so in the end I went with their seventh album, Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me, which had the most comments on it — fitting, I suppose, since it was a double LP. I also just realized that this album includes “Just Like Heaven,” the first Cure song that I (and probably many others) ever heard, so there’s that, too. Despite the fact that many of these comments are about Wire or the year 1987, it still makes for a pretty good read.

“A fine piece of work from the Cure. I think fans from all periods of the Cure’s career will be satisfied. Soem poppy stuff, some doomy stuff and some interesting stuff all dominated by Robert Smith’s vocals and unique guitar arrangements. Kind of loses steam by the middle of the 3rd side.”

“‘One More Time’ and ‘Like Cockatoos’ + ‘A Thousand Hours’ are the weakest cuts. What hell, 15 out of 18 ain’t bad. Two yellow dots, ‘The Kiss’ + ‘Shiver + Shake.’ Too bad, they’re good.”

” : | ” [straight-mouthed, non-smiley face]

“Oh c’mon Art, just a little : ) [smiley face]. C’mon.”

“As the #1 Cure fan in the world, even I was disappointed by the poppiness of ‘Why Can’t I Be You’ — but this album returns to their dark side & is UNBELIEVABLY FANTASTIC — esp. ‘Torture,’ ‘If Only Tonight We Could Sleep,’ ‘Icing Sugar,’ etc. … etc. … the yellow dots or red dots or whatever you wanna call them are fantastic — all in all, this is the most important record this year and will convert thousands of fans to this most important of bands.”

“Wire is probably the most important record this year. Sorry.”

“No way.”

“But tons & tons of batcave kiddies have never heard of Wire. At any rate, I’ll be personally PO’d if this doesn’t make everyone’s ’87 top 10.” [As I mentioned a while back, 1987 was an incredible year in music, so I’m sure there was lots of sweating over those top 10 lists. Alas, we don’t seem to have any record of what the DJs or station settled on at the end of the year.]

“Goddamn, it’s time they do. I’m sure Bob Smith has.”

“Uh, hm — perhaps I can settle this. Bob… uh Robert Smith has gone on record saying that if Wire ever became active again — which they have — that there would be no need for the Cure. That’s strong stuff, heck, the Cure pays Bob’s bills. Your devotion would no doubt be appreciated by Robert Smith, but I’ll bet Bob would side with Creed.”

“Wire was my primary influence as a young radio star.”

“I thought you said that your ‘primary influence’ was Edie Gorme.”

“Why are we writing about Wire on this Cure disc? This LP (by the Cure) has something for fans of any or all bands.”

“The first album is warped.”

“Why is this LP so fucked up. I suggest not touching the black part. Take care!”

“I’ve been in H for an awfully long time now, even for me!”

“I disagree. There is depth here. Let’s keep exploring.”

“What do you think, Phil?”

“I say M it.”

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  1. Damon Creed
    Posted January 8, 2012 at 4:23 pm | Permalink

    yeah I remember this one. The first disc was warped. The Wire album being referenced was “The Ideal Copy” which indeed has stood the test of time. Off the top my head I can name Ahead, Feed Me, Ambitious, and Over Theirs as killer tunes to this day. Can’t say I can recall even one song from this Cure album, let alone four.

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