Artists Make a Stand Against SOPA

Members of the entertainment industry from all corners are banding together to make a stand against the (thankfully) weakening SOPA bill. Among these are Trent Reznor, MGMT, Nada Surf, The Lonely Island, OK Go, and more. These artists have all collaborated to try and communicate to Washington the fear of legitimate websites being shut down due to “copyright infringement” that isn’t hurting anyone (like blogs, repostings, etc.). Above all, these artists recognize the usefulness and opportunity found in these websites and don’t want to see them disappear overnight due to an oversight on the part of Congress. You can read the letter here.

The events of yesterday sure helped raised awareness, too. Chances are, if you were on the Internet at all yesterday, you visited one of many “blackout sites”. Google opened with a large censor bar over their logo. Wikipedia opened to a black screen and merely said “Imagine a world without free knowledge”. Craigslist, Mozilla, and WordPress also prompted their users with similar images and captions in order to raise awareness. Each of these websites also provided links for users to get in contact with their state’s congressmen and do something about the proposed bill (and its partner PIPA).

While support for SOPA and PIPA are diminishing, it is still important to do what you can to tell Congress how you feel about it. Music blogs are just one of many of the avenues of the web that would be drastically affected should these bills pass. As artists have said in their open letter, they are glad that Congress is attempting to stop online piracy, but not at the expense of the free Internet. The costs of giving up this privilege far outweigh the benefits. If you want to sign a petition of the bill through Google you can do it here. If you should like to get in contact with your congressmen or help your friends get in contact with theirs, go here.

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