Review Revue: Aztec Camera – Knife

You’ll have to forgive me: I didn’t have any album covers on hand today, so instead I just decided to take a picture out the window and pretend it was an album cover. I kid, I kid. But Aztec Camera’s cover for Knife (along with the video for lead-off track “Still on Fire”) is eerily similar to what Seattle looks like today (and, OK, most of the winter), apart from the weird floating origami blobs and the sandy riverbank.

Why did I never listen to Aztec Camera back when the young Roddy Frame was releasing records under that name? Or, I’ll be honest, ever since then? I have no idea. Just add one more fine band to the column of “stuff I heard about a lot but never really listened to,” and subtract one more point from my already dreadfully low coolness score. If only i’d been listening to KCMU back then.

“2nd LP from boy-wonder Roddy Frame and pals. (He’s all of 19 now.) [He was actually 20 by the time this was written.] More rockin’, but still with their original acoustic sound.”

“‘Still on Fire’!!!”

“2-1 is the single, and the B-side is ‘Jump’ (as in Van Halen!!)”

“Nice Stuff!”

“This sound makes me sleepy. But I guess it’s OK.”

“But it’s really great!! Eh Marsh?”

“I said it’s OK…”

“I like the cover illustration, but I don’t get it.”

“‘Still on Fire’ – YEAH!!! Great acoustic guitar + nice beat.”

“(Neil, that’s not acoustic.)”

“Wrong – there are both electric and acoustic, know-it-all.” [The video linked above would seem to corroborate this. As would my ears.]

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