Review Revue: The Buck Pets – The Buck Pets

The Buck Pets, like so many “alternative” rock bands of the late ’80s and early ’90s, coulda been huge. The Dallas band had a major label behind them from the release of their debut album (this one), a rabid fanbase (there are still many people waxing nostalgic for this band 20 years after their demise), and even snooty college radio DJs loved their loud, dirty brand of rock – major label or no. They seem to have been the victims of bad timing, though; when their label was bought by Polygram, it appears they fell through the cracks of major label limbo and never quite recovered (I can’t even pull them up on Spotify, dang it all). But let us now remember and celebrate the Buck Pets!

But first a word of warning for our more sensitive readers: this discussion gets pretty intense at times, occasionally veering into more R-rated talk than usual (seriously, some of these comments would earn a red dot – not even fit for safe harbor airplay!). Read with caution.

“KCMU welcomes to the Central Tavern on Thurs, July 27th w/Mary My Hope, Stumpy Joe & The Thin Man.” [I need to know: is that a band called Stumpy Joe and a band called The Thin Man, or a band called Stumpy Joe & the Thin Man?]

“This here is loud, well played, heavy guitar rock ‘n’ roll. These guys would fit in well in Seattle. Management Co. is also that of the Flaming Lips. I see the major label and keep expecting a lighter AOR metal pop song or two. There isn’t one. Just great, loud songs w/a detectable edge. Best cuts (after one listen) 1-1, 1-2, 1-5, 2-2, 2-3, 2-4 (‘Iron Cock,’ despite title, has no dirty words).”

“Definite M rotation.”

“Dumb name, some dumb lyrics n’ song titles, but… I [heart] this! ROCKS.”

“1-1 rocks hard; 2-3 is melodic; 2-4 – psych-o-delic; I tried it w/salt to go – but don’t like styrofoam cause of the ozone so I rented instead — made me [illegible].” [Ummmmmm…]

“Charles Peterson goes national! Great LP! (We had these guys on cart 2 yrs ago…)”


“Can I do an all rock specialty show and play this kind of music for two hours? This Rocks!”

“But don’t you already do that for three hours? This rocks, by the way…”


“Y’know, it’s really not that difficult to ROCK. I don’t think this is groundbreaking enough to hear it every 4 hrs on KCMU, even though it does ROCK, and I like to ROCK as much as anybody else.”

“You know, Craigster, nobody said it was difficult to rock. Merely that this record does. Just because something is easy to do doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done every 4 hours. Take fucking, for instance.”

“So what you’re saying is that this ‘same ole rock’ album sound is as common to you as a boring fuck? I’d suggest changing perfume or a ‘let’s be creative’ ad in the personals. It worked for me!”

“This record is like rocking and fucking — everyone can do it, but every few do anything besides the same old, overrated, repetitive motion. Let’s be creative! (‘Iron Cock’? What about his damn tongue?)”

“Anybody who is enterprising enuff can go dig through the booty cabinet and find 3 yr. old versions of some of these songs on cart. Whoop-T-Doo, ROKK!”

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