Review Revue: The Cult – Sonic Temple

Sometimes you need to just be totally uncool. As you put away that Cults CD you’ve been listening to, your eye might catch the one right next to it – dusty and maybe a little scratched, but still as capable of making you pump your fists in rock and roll glory as it was upon its release in 1989. Of course, I’m talking about Sonic Temple, by The Cult. Go with it. Pull it out, stick it in the CD player, and whip your rock and roll hair back and forth, as Willow Smith might say (though odds are she wasn’t thinking of Ian Astbury and the boys when she penned that particular number).

And oh my goodness! Completely by coincidence, it would appear that The Cult has a new album, Choice of Weapon, coming out this very spring! I had no idea. Yet another great reason to abandon all hipness for a bit and throw this classic on the stereo. Unless you’re one of these guys, of course…

“To me, this is a concept LP. The music and lyrics on this LP represent the sights, the sounds, and the smells of a hard working American rock band.* Ladies and Gentlemen, This is Spinal Tap. *Though yes, of course, these characters are English.”

“Mighty wide stance this dude is posing.” [This was, of course, before those words had the cultural resonance they do today.]

“It’s high time they dropped the pretences [sic] & put the “Blue Oyster” back in their name. [arrow pointing at crotch] Maybe he wants someone to swallow his pride?”

“This is one of the worst fucking bands I’ve ever heard. Their last three records have been pure retro-shit. This doesn’t even sound good on AOR stations.”

“But, did you sell your Cult records?”

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