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Milwaukee soul-funk jam band Kings Go Forth stopped by KEXP last September and tested the carrying capacity of our studio to play a fantastic set of songs off of their newest release, The Outsiders Are Back. The 10 piece outfit is busy, eclectic, and dizzying, but their songs are meticulously assembled to funk perfection. Performed live, these songs sound almost identical to their LP counterparts, and The Outsiders Are Back is a fantastic record on a couple levels: the songwriting and arrangement is unlike anything on the scene today, and the production was designed to sound like the 60s and 70s records that Kings Go Forth are influenced by. The band’s sound goes everywhere from soul to reggae to funk and almost to Latin and disco at times. Kings Go Forth may be a throwback in some senses, but if they are, then they are one of the best things that came out of the era. Grab The Outsiders Are Back on Luaka Bop Records now, and watch the Kings Go Forth live on KEXP now:

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  1. Nick L.
    Posted February 20, 2012 at 8:48 pm | Permalink

    I’ve been able to catch these guys twice in the last year and a half or so in my hometown Minneapolis MN, both times at the Cedar Cultural Center. Now, I’m positivly certain that I simply, WILL NOT be the first to tell you, that these guys are by far one of the most refreshing and musically talented group of musicians of our day. They’re honestly the most ground shaking band I’ve ever seen live. They have so much energy and awesomely awesome groovy groovin’, drummer sittin’ in the pocket while the horn section continually blasts bursts and explosions of sound, while the Hammond player slams and hammers the most beautifuly crafted eclectic phrasings I’ve ever heard, and the guitar player sits right in the middle of the overall groove forcing you to notice him with his seriously crafted and furious hand motions which floors you into something of a indescribable state of happiness which in turn, launches you into a state of beautiful soulfulness kept in focus with the vigorous awesomeness of the combo vocals that slam into your body while trying to re-stablize yourself in between every combination kick drum blast and beautifully articulated bass line. At one point in the show the one of the drummers floor toms had fallen over and instead of breaking in between songs to fix it slams and fires into the next song “One Day” like a madman let loose ready to kill. Also, as if all that wasn’t enough, I was blessed with the opportunity to go back stage and sit down to talk with the two lead singers, to say the least these two dudes were two of the most humble dudes I’ve ever met, seriously just wanted to sit and bulshit with me. After the show they stuck around and talked with me and some of my friends AGAIN, (who were in fact in a somewhat state of amazement, I might add) for a least an hour and a half. Seriously some of the coolest people! Awesome Great Fantastic Soulful band. Run, walk, dance, skip, ride your roller skates, just do whatever you can to get to your nearest music shop and invest in some of this awesomeness. I highly recommend the vinyl, but any way you get the music is fine, just get it. (Seriously though get the vinyl, who are we kidding here it sounds ten times better than the CD and comes with a key code that will get you the whole album in digital form). I’ve never seen a band walk on stage and just project amazement and what the greatness of music really stands for and has always been.

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