KEXP Spring Membership Drive: Powering the Next Generation of Music Lovers

photo by Jim Bennett

All week during the KEXP Spring Membership Drive, we’ve heard from donors of all ages who love music with all of their hearts. It’s amazing that so many people are dedicated to introducing the little ones in their lives to KEXP! We hear from parents who listen every morning with their kids, we have kindergarteners cracking into their piggy banks to make a gift, and donations coming in as kids’ birthday presents. Not only are the grown-up members of the KEXP Community introducing the next generation to a world of great music, but they’re instilling a philanthropic spirit that will keep the arts alive and well far into the future.

Lawrence in Ballard:

My kids and I listen every morning while I get them ready for school. When a song comes on from my youth or from a band that had influenced me later in life I always tell them a story that that song reminds me of. Music to me gives me a timeline to my life and I hope that my children, when they are older, can feel the same about it as I do now. That is why I power KEXP. For the memories.

Alex in Seattle’s Central District:

As a mom of a young one and a small business owner, I am often working late into the night. I count on KEXP to provide my free, commercial-free soundtrack. Thank you for being there and for not only playing the songs I know and love, but for introducing me to new music all the time.

Longtime listener Karah in Sandpoint noted that the programming on KEXP provides a vital connection to her community: “KEXP keeps me connected with the changes in the wide world while I watch my toddler explore the changes in his small world.”

Give for yourself, give for the young music lovers in your life, and give for the future of arts in the community. Today is your last chance to power KEXP during the Spring Membership Drive… call 1-866-903-5397 or visit KEXP.ORG/Donate.

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