Review Revue: Shonen Knife – Shonen Knife

Happy International Women’s Day! While I tend to agree with a (female) friend of mine who said, “it’s depressing that we need a day to honor and recognize half of the globe’s population,” the sad fact remains that, as a planet, we kinda do need that day. And the fact that the world was able to agree on a day other than February 29th is depressingly impressive.

Anyway, what better way to celebrate International Women’s Day (other than giving Rush Limbaugh a wedgie) than by celebrating some truly international women? I’m talking, of course, about the Japanese garage pop powerhouse known as Shonen Knife. Having gotten their start in Japan in the early ’80s, they started to make a big splash in the US in the ’90s, inspiring this compilation of their first two albums for those Yanks who missed out the first time around. They’re still going strong; last year they released an album of Ramones covers called, appropriately enough, Osaka Ramones. It is their 17th studio album in 30 years (surpassing the Ramones’ own studio output, for the record).

“One of Sonic Youth’s very favorite bands. They flew all the way to L.A. to see their one American concert. This is a compilation of their 1st 2 out-of-print LPs. A lot o’ fun! I like 1-9 best.”

“They [Sonic Youth] can [fly to L.A. to see Shonen Knife] cuz they getz them big major label buckz now.”

“One of Charley Royer‘s faves, too.”

“I love Shonen Knife!”

“A couple LPs we don’t have, reissued by Giant. Personally, I think this is really stupid. Please don’t put it in H.”

“I disagree. It’s nice non-American non-corporate pop. Why isn’t it in H right now.”

“God heads – H

M or H.”

“‘Miracles’ – I thought they were going to break into the ‘Meow Mix’ Chorus.”

“Too long in H.”

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