Review Revue: The Entropics – Spagga!

Multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Amy Denio is yet another brilliant talent I used to geek out over in my late teens/early twenties (based on her affiliation with some of the NYC Knitting Factory crowd) who I was amazed to find living in Seattle when I moved here (see also my recent gushing over Bill Frisell and Eyvind Kang). I pulled out this Entropics record not having any idea that Amy Denio was half of that band, just thinking it had been a while since I’d dug into any cool old local stuff. A little trip to the Google machine let me know what a gem I had in my hands; I’m excited to do my tiny part to try and bring it back to the public’s attention. A tip of the hat should also be sent in the direction of PopLlama records, generally known for somewhat more pop and/or rock-oriented artists such as Young Fresh Fellows, Fastbacks, The Posies, Pure Joy, The Walkabouts, and so on. They obviously saw the brilliance in this very strange record and saw fit to release it

I’m pretty sure this is the only thing The Entropics ever released, but Ms. Denio remains restlessly productive. You can find her composing and performing her own work or playing with Tiptons Sax Quartet, Kultur Shock, Ama Trio, and other groups. I suggest you do.

“Ellensburg has become a veritable hotbed for new music recently – interesting jazzy noise/pop/rock. With these folks, Steve Fisk and Screaming Trees having vinyl, gotta wonder who else is playing there. ‘Ellensburg, WA/Inside and Out’ anyone?”

“Pretty damned interesting.”

“Arrrgh, die cassio fra. Good otherwise.” [I have no idea what this means.]

“Very good! I agree with Jonathan.”

“Reminds me of Fred too. Steve F… not that great of a producer.”

“Not only is this the best sounding records to come out of ‘the area,’ it is fabulously inventive and well-performed. These two live IN (not e-burg) SEATTLE and are worthy of your time and money.”

“I’m thinking… [the rest of this comment is too tiny for me to read] IN RECENT MEMORY.”

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