Song of the Day: Beat Connection (feat. Chelsey Scheffe) – Think/Feel

photo by Dave Lichterman

Every Monday through Friday, we deliver a different song as part our Song of the Day podcast subscription. This podcast features exclusive KEXP in-studio performances, unreleased songs, and recordings from independent artists that our DJs think you should hear. Today‚Äôs selection is “Think/Feel” by Seattle electronic act Beat Connection, featuring vocals by Chelsey Scheffe.

Beat Connection (feat. Chelsey Scheffe) – Think/Feel (MP3)

Beat Connection have been steadily growing in the past two years. 2010 saw a self-produced version of their captivating mini album Surf Noir and a fantastically catchy mix that showed off their skills on the turntables. A year later, the band saw a full quality mastering of their album on Moshi Moshi Records and began touring worldwide. Later in the year, they acquired drummer Jared Katz to boost the energy and presence of their live show. This year, Tom Eddy, who voiced the vocals for Surf Noir favorites “Silver Screen” and “In the Water”, has officially joined the band for good.

“Think/Feel” is the first taste we get of this new Beat Connection. The energy is up and the sound is huge. The laid-back surf electronica of Surf Noir is nowhere to be seen. Instead, “Think/Feel” takes Beat Connection’s toned-down vibe and makes some near-perfect house. That’s not to say that pieces of the Beat Connection we know aren’t present. Who else would put that xylophone synth on the bridge? But the band has sacrificed the underwater dance party to bring the action to the forefront of their sound. Sure, there are still the occasional envelope filters and fades in and out, but with “Think/Feel”, Beat Connection’s presence is felt on every beat. Their captivating wave has become impossible to ignore.

Lyrically, “Think/Feel” is simple. Scheffe’s vocals are gorgeous. They float weightlessly on top of the track and drive home the song’s simple message. “I feel too little and think too much”, she repeats over and over again. Oftentimes, lyrics on electronic and dance tracks can seem like a necessary evil, but this is not the case with “Think/Feel”. It’s not a mistake that Beat Connection’s most progressive and forward dance track has this message. If they bring nothing else to the table, Beat Connection is an emotional highlight amongst a sea of electronic apathy. They don’t have to sacrifice their four-to-the-floor love of the discotheque to convey a message. “Think/Feel” is dance music you can feel and relate to, as well as dance to. As time goes on, it is this facet of Beat Connection’s music that will set them apart from the rest.

Grab “Think/Feel” above and make sure to check out Beat Connection’s wonderful 2011 album Surf Noir. They will be playing at Sasquatch! Music Festival and touring around the country thereafter. Keep your eyes open – and check their Facebook page – for more new music from Beat Connection later this year. For now, here’s video from a session they did at KEXP in October of 2010:

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