Review Revue: The Beastie Boys – Cooky Puss

The past several days have been filled with tributes to Adam Yauch, aka MCA. There’s very little that I can add to that outpouring, except to say that I, like so many, was incredibly shocked and saddened to hear of his passing. As I stopped by KEXP yesterday to look through the stacks for more blog fodder, I knew that I needed to find a Beastie Boys record to post this week (and I castigated myself for not having done so before). Come to find out that as far as I can tell there is very little in the way of interesting discussion on the Beastie Boys records/CDs that we do have, because everyone seemed to pretty much love them. On top of that, several were missing/stolen, again because everyone (even jerks who steal things) loved them. So without much in the way of scintillating debate to share, I had to bust out this, KEXP’s copy of Cooky Puss, their second EP and first ever hip-hop release, from 19-freakin’-83 – which, of course, everyone loved.

Fun fact: according to the internet, the Beasties sued British Airways for using a clip from “Beastie Revolution” (Side two, track 1) in a commercial and used the money to rent the apartment they lived, rehearsed, and recorded in as they perfected their transition from punk to hip-hop. Without this EP – and without the nefarious doings of British Airways’ advertisers – the history and artistic development of the Beastie Boys might have been very different. But no matter what, I have no doubt Adam Yauch and gang would have ended up doing incredible things.

“This is a really weird parody of sorts. Please do play the CENSORED VERSION!”

“Watch out, this is GREAT stuff!”

“‘Maybe I should scratch…’ Side 1’s better, but it’s all great. And they opened for Madonna!”

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  1. lar206
    Posted May 10, 2012 at 1:54 pm | Permalink

    I LOVE COOKY PUSS. Legendary track to me.

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