Summer Fundraising Drive: Make A Circuit With Me

Over Memorial Day weekend, I had lunch and went record shopping with my childhood best friend, who works as an elementary school teacher in Northern Virginia. He mentioned running into our fifth grade science instructor recently, then casually remarked that he couldn’t recall anything in particular we’d studied in her class as children. But I could.

The “Batteries and Bulbs” unit taught us the basics of electricity. In particular, I remember the day we rigged up flashlight bulbs to AA batteries using two pieces of copper wire. Viola! A basic electrical circuit!

The new I Power KEXP “Electric” t-shirt takes me back to what we learned in that unit, albeit with the lessons applied to Music — a subject I much preferred to Science. Think of that simple circuit this way: You are the battery, and your gift of support is like electrons surging along the copper wires. When that flow of energy connects with KEXP, your gift is transformed into music, music which resonates all around the globe — via our FM signal and online streaming and iPhone app and all the other technological wonders you make possible — where it connects with other music lovers, who in turn get fired up and make their own gifts… which helps KEXP keep growing stronger.

Whether you make a gift because you’ve supported KEXP for years and appreciate how Music That Matters illuminates everyone’s lives, or you’re giving for the first time and about to experience the “aha!” moment of finding out how a simple circuit works, please support KEXP during our Summer Fundraising Drive. The energy you supply makes the world a brighter, warmer, and much more musical place.

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