Review Revue: Fugazi – Repeater

What’s that? I’ve already covered Fugazi here before? Two albums in one post, in fact? Well this is my blog series, and I say it’s not enough! If you think I’m repeating myself, well, just call me Repeater and see if I care. I won’t care, because that’s also the name of this truly excellent (and truly nostalgic, at least for me) album by Fugazi, one of the finer bands ever to exist.

Released in 1990, Fugazi’s first full-length album really does have a strong nostalgic power for me (in addition to its general blistering rock power, which is significant). In my freshman year of high school I started hanging out with kids who introduced me to loud, abrasive bands like Minor Threat. I thought they were pretty great, but then someone somewhere suggested that I should really check out Ian from Minor Threat’s current band, Fugazi (dear whoever you are: thank you).

So I went down to Newbury Comics, picked up Repeater (I assume, knowing myself, that being the only full-length it seemed a better musical value than either of the EPs), and my life was forever changed. It’s nice to know that, as I was a member of the “15-year-old set” referred to below at the time, there were some cool 21+ types who agreed with me.

“Sounds good, but I think I liked the 2 EPs better.”

“‘Sieve Fisted Find’ hits HARD!!”

“I love Fugazi. This is power-packed!!”

“This is hard and yet crisp. Not a lot of fuzzy sounds. Very good!”

“Spike digs this, too.”

“As powerful as a flaming rocket booster… from ice on the O-ring to full-on explosions – rips.”

“Hey! Nobody wrote this, so here goes! Coming Fri June 1st! (If you didn’t already know.) Welcomed by us fine folks!”

“It’s rare that the 15-year-old set and the 21+ set agree on similar music… PLAY IT UP!”

“Do you definite generations by 5 years?” [Ah, there we go; I was afraid we were going to get through this whole thing without any college radio DJ snark.]

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