Tuesday Music News

photo by Dave Lichterman

  • Brookyln-based synth-pop band Lemonade released a video for their album-closer and KEXP favorite “Softkiss” today. The video, which features the band standing in a brightly lit room, walking through a waterfall, and standing under some sort of planetary eclipse (that is secretly [SPOILER ALERT] a disco ball!), feels, like most things Lemonade does, straight out of the 80’s. Check out the video below and listen to Lemonade’s live in-studio KEXP performance here.

  • The latest installment of the iTunes Live Session series was released today, starring none other than indie-folk favorites Bon Iver. The seven-track EP was recorded last year shortly after the release of their sophomore album, Bon Iver, Bon Iver, and features songs from the album as well as a cover of Bj√∂rk’s “Who Is It?” For more information, head over to Pitchfork, or download the EP here.

  • Twin Shadow, the indie-pop moniker of singer-songwriter George Lewis, Jr., released a post-apocalyptic pulp-fiction-esque video for “Five Seconds,” the outstanding single from his forthcoming album Confess. The video, directed by Keith Musil, is allegedly based off a novel written by Lewis and Eric Green, and includes a minute-and-a-half long introduction, setting an incredibly dramatic and cinematic scene. What follows are scenes of danger, camaraderie, and some cool motorcycle tricks as Lewis battles a rival gang (who look strikingly similar to the Uruk-hai from The Lord of the Rings) and saves his friend just in time. Check out the video below:

  • Pitchfork.tv released a 45-minute documentary yesterday on the seminal 1997 Modest Mouse album The Lonesome Crowded West as part of their Pitchfork Classic series The documentary, which features interviews from Elliot Smith, Calvin Johnson and Phil Ek, explores the history of the album through archival footage and stories from band members and those involved with the album. Check out the entire documentary over at Pitchfork.

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