Wednesday Music News

photo by Nathan Howard

  • Indie-rockers WHY? released the title track from their upcoming E.P. Sod In The Seed. Lead singer Yoni Wolf raps, or more accurately speak-sings in a style reminiscent of indie alt-rock icon CAKE, what appears to be highly articulate nonsense, under which lies a somber description of the numbness that accompanies modest success in today’s music industry. But instead of your typical “being-a-rockstar-is-so-hard” whining, Wolf’s sentiment feels like an honest reflection thanks to WHY?’s upbeat indie-pop sound and Wolf’s charming lyrics: “I’ll never shirk this first world curse: a steady hurt and a heavy purse.” Head over to Consequence of Sound for more information about the E.P. and their upcoming album and be sure to check out “Sod In The Seed” below:

  • Ex-Sleater-Kinney front woman Corin Tucker’s new band, appropriately titled The Corin Tucker Band, has released the first single from her upcoming album Kill My Blues. The single, titled “Groundhog Day Song,” marks Tucker’s triumphant return to the fast guitars and falsetto shouts of her earlier songs, while the lyrics express her frustration with the current state of the political ideals those songs championed. Listen to “Groundhog Day Song” and check out more information about the upcoming album over at Pitchfork.

  • Sacramento Rap trio Deathgrips released the video for their song “Double Helix” off of their 2012 release The Money Store. Known for their abrasive in-your-face music that embraces chaos and anger, Deathgrips has released a series of incredibly low-budget conceptual videos for many of their songs, and “Double Helix” is no exception. Filmed entirely using the rearview camera of what appears to be a Toyota Prius, lead singer/rapper Stefan Burnett crawls and sprawls his body all over the car, flailing his limbs and staring down the camera like a crazy person with some serious intentions. Check out the awesome video below:

  • Entertainment and Ticketing giant Live Nation recently purchased L.A. based Hard Entertainment, an entertainment company responsible for promoting several well-known electronic concerts and festivals, furthering concerns of diehard electronic fans that the world of electronic dance music is being slowly inflated by the corporate world and is ready to burst. Check out an in-depth and interesting look at the debate over at the New York Times.
  • Lana Del Ray’s long-awaited video for her song “National Anthem” was released today, only a day after a four-minute “trailer” for the video hit the internet. The almost eight-minute-long video starring up-and-coming rapper A$AP Rocky as JFK and Del Ray as a fictional and unexplained Marilyn Monroe/Jackie O. hybrid is comprised of grainy, home-video style 8mm footage documenting the glamorous lifestyle of the stylized couple. It’s an appropriate video for a song that’s obsessed with wealth and money, but mostly it’s just fun watching A$AP reenact such presidential activities as playing with the children, celebrating birthdays, smoking blunts, and throwing dice. Check out the video below:

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