Review Revue: Killdozer – Burl

You know an album rules when the DJs at your local college radio station can’t decide whether it’s supposed to be played at 45 RPM or not. The “Artist/title/label” sticker on this album, which is usually somewhat sacred and unmarked ground beyond that basic information, in this case is the home to a little mini-debate: The music director (I assume) initially wrote: “EP: Burl – 45 rpm.” Someone trying to be helpful then scratched out the “45 rpm” part and wrote “Wrong-o,” after which another helpful soul wrote “wrong-o again – 45!” The last word was had by yet another individual, who proclaimed “it really doesn’t matter!” The funny thing is I honestly have no idea if that means they liked it or not.

Do you see what this digital age has done to us? We can no longer play our albums at various speeds depending on our moods and what we think might sound better. We have to hear it the way the artist intended. Fooey. Now excuse me while I go listen to the Osmonds’ “Crazy Horses” at 33 rpm.

“Burl Ives, who is Killdozer’s biggest fan, demands that this record be put in H. He also pointed out 2.1, which starts and ends with the word fuck. In between are numerous obscenities. This is known as a red dot sandwich. Very tasty.”

“Modern blues… somewhat eclectic… sweet pop melodies… the chord progressions are acrobatic gems…”

“The chords are alcoholic swirls… this is what everything sounds like when you’re VERY drunk. Gosh!”

“KILLERdozer . . . ysireebob”

“Cranberries sauce.”

“I’d drink transmission fluid to this band and they’d like it. So you should, too. Green river aspires to this kind of stuff. ‘Cranberries is just relentless.”

“Green River will never lick Killdozer’s boot soles.”

“Remember the fucking good old days when we could play ‘Hamburger Martyr‘ after 10pm?” [Anyone affiliated with a radio station who’s heard that song is cringing right now at the idea of that song ever making it onto the airwaves.]

“Obsessive hatred consumes your innards.”

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  1. Damon Creed
    Posted July 8, 2012 at 11:12 am | Permalink

    You can’t go wrong with Killdozer! One of the greatest bands ever both in the recorded and live mediums. Lyrically rich, musically awesome & heavy. One of the greatest cover bands ever, too.

    They’re so good, the songs transcend the shittyass Touch & Go vinyl their records are pressed on. Doesn’t hurt they recorded a great deal of their records with Butch Vig. And yes, there was a time when Hamburger Martyr was played over the air!

    I still toast a cup of transmission fluid to the almighty Killdozer!

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