Macklemore and Ryan Lewis release new song, support marriage equality

Following their recent announcement this past Monday morning of their new album, The Heist (due October 9), and their upcoming tour, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis today have released a new song, which on his Twitter feed Macklemore says is “One that I’ve wanted to put out for a while. Seems like the time is right…” Written this past April, “Same Love” is a response to the events going on not just in our area but around the country. Here, Macklemore, already an outspoken supporter of Referendum 74, a bill proposed to legalize same-sex marriage in Washington State, and a contributor to the Music for Marriage Equality movement, takes a personal position, having been raised in both the Catholic and hip hop communities, with their strong positions against homosexuality. “If I was gay,” he says, “I would think that hip-hop hates me.” But it’s not just those two Macklemore calls out; fear and prejudice can be faults of our nation. On his website, he maintains:

I am not saying that intolerance is exclusive to hip hop. Hip hop culture is a part of American culture, and America can be scared, fearful, and prejudiced against its own. My intent is not to scrutinize or single out hip hop. It happens to be the culture that has profoundly shaped me, and the one I feel most accountable to.

As ever, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis combine a powerful and ultimately uplifting message with a truly engaging groove. Local singer and spoken word artist Mary Lambert, herself outspoken on the subject of tolerance, adds a soulful backing as guest vocalist.

“Same Love” will be on sale next Tuesday, July 24, through iTunes and as a limited edition 7″ the following Tuesday, July 31, via Sub Pop Records, but you can listen to the song now below and learn more about Music for Marriage Equality here.

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  1. dale snyder
    Posted July 18, 2012 at 7:52 pm | Permalink

    I heard this song this morning on my way to work and I was moved to tears. Thank you so much. As a Catholic, who was taught that we respect and tolerate all peoples and relgions, I have a hard time with my Church’s stance on this issue. I have never seen it as a religous issue, but as an issue of equality in accorance with our own constitution that all are created equal. You neatly wrapped up all my feelings on this issue in one beautiful song.

  2. Chris
    Posted July 30, 2012 at 11:23 am | Permalink

    It’s a beautiful song from solid artists but I’m bummed it’s being dumbed down to politics at the service of “Marriage Equality” when — in order to make certain everything’s equal between homosexual sex and heterosexual sex — we must needs embrace that artificial reality where all Persons are NOT created equal and, instead, plenty are created as only “potential persons” and it’s already leading to the ludicrous: in California, lesbian couples already are suing to claim their “right” to sperm.

    Too, Macklemore (like Ben Gibbard — a nun in a habit? really? how old are you again?) has some really odd ideas about Catholicism if he’s under the impression we’re either homophobic or hateful. Far from it. (Part of our problem, actually, where the 85% homosexual sex scandal is concerned.)

    The Church simply point out the differences in homosexuality and heterosexuality and asks Catholics (whether they’re gay or just losers like me who never got asked to marry) to refrain from sex unless in a position to give our entire selves and enjoy the potency of being open to the transmission of human life. (We’re such big fans of human life, we consider humans sacred, deserving respect from conception to death and are horrified by the ease with which Modern Man accepts faithbased notions such as “potential person”.)

    It’s a beautiful song with a substantive message of respect for others. I’m just dismayed by its being put to the use of politics. We may be polarized now but we’ll regret TOGETHER, I’m sure, the way we got snookered into making the State the Poohbah of Marriage instead of getting the state OUT of our private business.

    I guess only a practicing Catholic understands how absurd is the debate in the first place … especially where concerns contracepting Prots (who BAR the creator from the bedroom of their “holy matrimony”) pretending there’s anything like an institution of marriage to protect in the first place. Complete farce and I well understand how homosexuals have rightly condemned the hypocrisy even if, it weren’t for the Class I carcinogen known as the Pill or the mother-only right to homicide, there would be precious little basis for “equality” in the first place.

    But that’s the trouble with confusing First and Second things. Where you’ve just ensured a “secondary” equality … the state only too happy to get all egalitarian on us and decide lesbians have a “right” to sperm or to sift embryos until they find a deaf one more like themselves) … you tend to lose sight of the “primary” equality. You may even lose sight of when, exactly, each human life begins and fail to respect that life from the get-go.

    First and second things. You won’t enjoy all there is of second things if you don’t get the first ones right.

    I wish everyone had BOYCOTT marriage licenses and burned them like draft notices. That’s something we could have gotten behind *together*. But alas … using both the left Hand and the right Hand, they played us like a piano instead to fulfill their agenda (as set forth by the GOP in the Congressional Record, actually, in 1970). Just a game and we sure got played.

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