Review Revue: Mary Kelley – Greetings Five

For perhaps the first time in this series, an artist’s own web site is proving to be my best source. I’m not sure how musically active Mary Kelley is these days (although it’s clear she started playing music again in 2006 after a long hiatus), but her personal site is filled with information, both biographical and artistical. In just a few minutes I managed to learn a little bit about her old band, The Contractions, and her fascinating solo career, all while listening to this very album, Greetings Five. It’s even got a little feature where information about each song comes up as it plays, and you can read wonderful things from the artist herself about the songs, such as “The horse hoofs are cupped hands on thighs, the whip is a snapped belt, the thunder is a fist smack on a Fender spring reverb. My horn synth is in there: dee-dee-DAHH-AH.”

Anyway, I hope it would give Ms. Kelley a charge to know her music was so well received at this little college station in Seattle, way back in the late 20th century.

“Wow! The only song I wasn’t WILD about was 2-2. This is REALLY INTERESTING. Multi-dimensional & kinda tricky (hard to describe). At times like Jane Siberry or a real slow Fibonaccis. Mellow, but very dense.”

“this label has also released a Legendary Pink Dots mini LP called Greetings Nine. There is a superficial resemblance to them + this. I agree with Hyla on the similarity w/Jane Siberry, however. I think this lacks her underlying sense of humor thus giving this a bit of a stiff feeling. Punk rockers aren’t the only ones who can wallow in misery. 2-2 is turgid.”

“NNTNBT 2/25/89″

“Mary Kelley was the last woman Jack the Ripper killed.”

“And this Mary Kelley was in the Contractions.”

“Gutsy, angst-filled muse-ic without needing to be fast to make a point. CRUNCHY.”

“This could go into H if you ask me! I think it’s definitely worth it!”

Very good!! ‘Dream’ is GREAT!!!”

“Thanks for H. I get calls on this one!”

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