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photo by Jim Beckmann

  • Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy’s latest video from his 2011 release, Wolfroy Goes To Town, is, despite the fact it revolves around two animated bunnies in love, probably the most depressing cartoon I’ve seen a while. “Time To Be Clear” stars two rabbits, one of which bears striking resemblance to Will Oldham himself, who fall in love before the animal world throws it in their face. SPOILER ALERT: Cancer makes a guest appearance, as does death, who is portrayed by three wolves. Watch the video below, and then head here to salvage your afternoon.

  • Although today is the official release of their sophomore album Coexist in the United States, the xx deployed some incredibly clever marketing tactics last week. In an attempt to replicate their viral success which launched them to indie-stardom, the band sent a link to the full album stream to one super fan. Within 24 hours of doing so the site had crashed due to an overwhelming amount of traffic, resulting in one of XL Recordings’ biggest album premiers ever, which is a really big deal if you think about their impressive lineup. Check out the full story here.
  • Death Grips have released a new single as part of the final installment of the Adult Swim Single Series. The previously unreleased track recorded during their 2012 album Money Store sessions is titled “@deathgripz” and features a significantly less angry sounding Stefan Burnett rapping over a much angrier sounding Stefan Burnett. Check out the song, which is also their twitter handle, below:

  • The metal record label Hyrda Head Records announced earlier today that they would be shutting down operations in the next coming months and closing their doors. In a blog post by Hydra Head founder and Isis vocalist Aaron Turner titled “The Imminent Demise Of Hyrda Head Records,” turner details the label’s economic woes, and states that they will no longer release new music and instead focus on repaying past debts. For more information on this incredibly unfortunate occurance head over to Consequence of Sound.
  • P.O.S. has released a new video for his newest single off his forthcoming album We Don’t Even Live Here titled “Fuck Your Stuff.” The video features plenty of blurred out logos and labels as Doomtree member and Rhymesayers artist P.O.S. raps about taking, breaking, and even peeing on all the items rappers and Americans use as status symbols and otherwise. Check out the awesome video below:

  • Legendary experimental-rock band Sonic Youth has announced they will release a live album from their 1985 tour in support of their second album Bad Moon Rising. The 14 song album will be released on the band’s Goofin’ Records on November 14. I guess the one good thing about Sonic Youth going on an indefinite hiatus is it allows for more things like this to come into existence. For more information on the live album as well as a Sonic Youth documentary head over to Pitchfork.
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