Review Revue: Peter Gabriel – Peter Gabriel

Do I really have to introduce you to Peter Gabriel? No, I don’t think I do, but if you’ve never heard him before and need me to stand outside your window with a boombox playing “Shock the Monkey,” just let me know in the comments.

Before So, the album featuring the song used in the afore-referenced Peter Gabriel-fueled cinematic moment, Gabriel released four albums cleverly titled Peter Gabriel. Revisionists have gone back and retitled them just to keep them straight (“Melt” and “Security” are the two featured here), but as far as the official record stands, they’re all just titled Peter Gabriel. If I really wanted to bum Jim out I would post all four, but instead we will look at Gabriel’s last two self-titled albums and see how the KCMU DJs reacted to them before their decidedly mixed reaction to So.

“One third of Fripp’s MOR trilogy (the other 2 parts are Fripp’s Exposure and Daryl Hall’s Sacred Songs.) A fine, fine LP -> 1980.”

“Also known as PG-3, as it’s his third LP.”

“There is something distinctly suspect about a man who titles all his records with his own name.”

“Peter’s very short + wears French bicycle racing shoes.”

“MOR!? Come on, this is about as close to MOR as WASP or Portion Control.”

“Stop bitching, this entire album is simply great.”

“I like it.”

“Oh – Paul Weller plays guitar on ‘And through the Wire’. And also – I like this record.”

“Me too.”

“Electro pop, not too much variety on this one. They’re either upbeat disco or slow and boring. Take your pick for now.”

“You didn’t listen.”

“Pretentious bullshit.”

“Next time leave us room to write.”

“You are mindless (& tasteless).”

“You are!”

“Peter Gabriel is god.”


“Not to me!”

“It’s great!”

“And very nice, as well.”

“Beat Contest reject ->” [arrow pointing to album cover photo?]

“Innovative, a master of modern technology.”


“Gabriel IS god and this [illegible]”

“Hard night, huh Marsh?” [More arrows, also pointing to photo?]

“That’s not me, it’s my alter ego, Stig O’Hara, so there.”

“This album is not as good as his 1st or 3rd, can we trade this for one of those?”

“That is simply NOTincredible

"1-3 SKIPS!!"

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