Friday Music News

photo by Lauren Slusher

  • More Alt-J new: the British indie-rockers and loyal triangle devotees have released a beautiful video for their song “Fitzpleasure” off their 2012 debut, An Awesome Wave. Shot over the course of one day in Paris, the video, directed by Guillaume Cagniard, is somewhat of another crash course in art history. According to a press release released by the production company, the video emphasizes and draws influence from Gothic cathedrals and “sculptures from Bosch and Brueghel to Warhol, simultaneously revealing the beauty of daily objects.” According to me, a lot of mummy-looking ladies dance around while the band sings along in a fancy church. Check out the video below:

  • With less than a month until the highly anticipated release of Flying Lotus‘ fourth full-length Until the Quiet Comes, the LA producer has released an agonizingly short teaser clip featuring brief previews of his new songs accompanied by images of surgery, spiderwebs, and some other crazy looking stuff. Check out the video below and get really excited for Until the Quiet Comes‘ October 2 release date:

  • Brooklyn noise-rock band A Place To Bury Strangers have released an awesome new video for “Leaving Tomorrow” off their 2012 release Worship. The video, reportedly shot entirely on iPhones, looks straight out of a high school film class in the best way possible and follows some poor sucker as he gets caught in a battle between two sorcerers as they battle for his soul. SPOILER ALERT: He gets turned into a zombie (and possibly a horse, but the plot’s hard to follow). Check out the awesome video below:

  • In case you haven’t been following the Amanda Palmer controversy/debacle/whatever, Pitchfork has a pretty nice and succinct summary of the whole ordeal. Long story short, for those of you who haven’t yet clicked the aforementioned link, Amanda Palmer, formerly of The Dresden Dolls, used the internet to call for skilled musicians to perform with her at her shows with the promise of being compensated in beer, hugs, and high fives, which led legendary hardcore punk rocker Steve Albini to use the internet to call her out on her questionable practices. Later, Albini used the interent again to clarify that he didn’t call Palmer an idiot, and Palmer herself used the internet to respond to another internet call out by musician Amy Vaillancourt-Sals. Do yourself a favor and get off the internet this weekend.
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