Review Revue: Tenko – Slope

This is so cool! I grabbed this record off the shelves due to its mysterious, provocative cover, not having any idea that it contained some of my very favorite musicians of the late eighties NYC/Knitting Factory/weirdo/improv music scene. Fred Frith (previously covered here), Zeena Parkins, Arto Lindsay, Wayne Horvitz (now one of Seattle’s leading musical lights), Kramer, Tom Cora, Christian Marclay, and others all joined up under the leadership of the Japanese improvisational vocalist Tenko to produce this compellingly strange album.

This is seriously weird stuff, and it does my heart good to see how well received it was here. Track down a copy if you can find it.

“Pretty interesting music from W. Germany which has always been a hot bed of dissonance. Tenko is the vocalist and Fred Frith appears and produces.”

“It’s a lot of the same players as the John Zorn record. [Apparently this was at a time in history when you could refer to “the John Zorn record” and expect anyone to know what you’re talking about. Not so much these days.] Nifty, sort of improv stuff.”

“Expose your listeners to this. Try it in H even.”

“I think maybe the band and LP title should be vice-versa.”

“‘Produced by Tenko.'”

“Yep, I can groove on this. Herky jerky.”

“This is great. What a vocalist here. A couple (2.3, 2.6 so far) remind me of a more adventurous Yoko Ono (c. 1968-’71).”

“Not as trebly, fo sho.”

“Groovin’ bass on ‘Gradual Disappearance.'”

“Don’t just drop the needle. This is smashingly good. Fits better than I would expect. So play.”

“This is very interesting, good, stuff.”

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  1. Damon Creed
    Posted September 28, 2012 at 3:06 pm | Permalink

    You know, THEE John Zorn record. Yeah, that one. Just like THEE Ohio State University.

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