Review Revue: Pixies – Bossanova

As you are no doubt aware, KEXP will soon be sharing with the world the best albums of the past 40 years as voted on by its wonderful listeners. I have no doubt that there will be an album or two by the Pixies in the mix, but I’m pretty confident that Bossanova will not make the cut. Nothing against the album – it was the first one I ever owned and a personal favorite – it just doesn’t tend to inspire the unabashed devotion that earlier Pixes classics do. (We’ve already covered the fact that no ill can be spoken of Doolittle in this space.) Sure, maybe as Pixies albums go, Bossanova is only middle-of-the-road, but that still leaves it in the upper echelon of rock records in general. These are the Pixies we’re talking about, after all.

“Nowhere close to Doolittle.”

“1-2! Actually, somewhere between Surfer Rosa and Doolittle. They’ve backed off a bit from their self-conscious eclectic face of Doolittle to put out a straightahead Rock & Roll Record. Excellent.”

“Fuckin’ be careful! 1-1 is already scratched. Shee-it!”

“I agree w/my friend _____. It’s grown on me a lot. Didn’t like it at first (I didn’t care for Doolittle either initially, but it became my fave Pixies release). Song by song it grew. After one month, I hold this is a very good, but not great, LP. I liked 1-2, 1-5, 2-2, 2-3, 2-4, + 2-6 the best.”

“Why do we have to indulge in Mudhoney bashing? [I don’t see any Mudhoney bashing here, but there is a label that appears to be blank. Maybe it contained Mudhoney bashing that has since faded?] This is good, but not as eclectic as previous releases. Infinitely enjoyable energetic pop nonetheless. Still, I liked the Breeders better.”

“It grows on you if you silence the other voices – try to think of this as their 1st LP.”

“Why? So we can justify the mediocrity of this record? There’s no ‘Bone Machine’ on here, no ‘Debaser’ – in fact, no great pop hooks at all. As for rock and roll, I’ve heard lots better.”

“You can’t play songs twice.”

“Also on disc (outside the door).”

“Side one isn’t as wonderful as previous stuff but side two resurrects former glories. I want to hear it again to be sure. (Yes I like it better now, too. [this comment added later in a different color ink]) I like ‘Down to the Well’ on the first listening. Seems like they’re not going anywhere darn it!”

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