Fall Fundraising Drive: Making History

Look what we dug up! 2011 Halloween Kids Dance Party
photo by Greg Stonebraker

I’ve felt a bit like Dr. Who or a character in a H.G. Wells story the past few days, zipping around the time-space continuum. I admit, I’ve usually got one foot in 1980’s, but my whole head has been in the previous century most of this week. You see, in preparation for the Fall Fundraising Drive and our 40thanniversary festivities, I’ve been digging in the KEXP vaults, excavating old playlists and other station ephemera from the pre-Internet era. I’ll be sharing my findings right here in the days ahead.

It’s thrilling to realize just how much we’ve grown over the years, from a tiny station operating in the bowels of the UW, to… well, physically we’re still operating in pretty tight quarters (it’s amazing how many work stations can fit in a storage space), but our reach spans the entire globe. KEXP connects more people with more great music in more ways every day. And that’s all thanks to you.

You are the reason we have forged ahead with new technology, creating in-studio videos and unique podcasts and our streaming archive. These are avenues of discovery that didn’t even exist when the station first hit the airwaves in 1972. Your passion and curiosity for new music and new experiences drives us to keep innovating and pushing into new realms, thereby connecting us with even more listeners. KEXP keeps getting better because you invest in our future.

That’s why I’m thrilled we’re counting down the top albums of the past 40 years as voted on by you during the Fall Fundraising Drive. When an artist makes a landmark album, they react in a constructive manner to what’s come before, take action in the present, and shape the future. That’s exactly what happens when you power KEXP, too.

KEXP’s supporters are as integral to that station’s growth and wellbeing as any of the staff or the artists we play. When we pass a milestone—rolling out our first cell phone stream, racking up a million views for a single in-studio video—you are making history right alongside us, because your donations and your input are what we thrive on here at listener-powered KEXP.

As we reflect on KEXP’s past 40 years, I hope you’ll take a moment in the here-and-now and give a gift of support during the Fall Fundraising Drive. In fact, I’ll just jump ahead in the time stream and pre-emptively thank you for your generosity. I’d also like to extend my gratitude to everyone who already looked ahead and made a pre-Drive gift in the past few days.

Enjoy the countdown and thank you for your support. When you power KEXP, you are making history.

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