Fall Fundraising: Radio Free Antarctica

photo by Glenn Grant
courtesy of National Science Foundation

One of my favorite things about the KEXP fundraising drives is hearing from our donors via phone and e-mail why they choose to power KEXP. This note we received the other morning is one of my new favorites. Longtime listener Joel L. relies on KEXP podcasts to keep his toes tapping and frostbite-free when he’s stationed in not one but two chilly and remote locations:

I am a big fan of KEXP and have been listening since moving to Seattle in 1994.  The last couple of years I have been living a transient life style, packing up my knives and going from one end of the world to the other and places in between. This means cooking in Denali National Park Alaska and then going down to run the kitchen at a remote field camp in Antarctica. Our camp is studying the effects of global warming on the melting antarctic ice shelf.  If you have heard of the huge ice chunk that breaks off every couple of years, we are 50 miles from that!  Before I leave I make sure to fill up my computer with the Music That Matters podcasts to keep me company and entertain everybody else while they are eating.  Thanks for all you do.

Your gift of support to KEXP during the Fall Fundraising Drive keeps the whole KEXP community healthy and ensures that we can continue to bring great music to people all over the world, via myriad mediums.

Want to ratchet up the warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you support KEXP? Make a gift of $250 or more and choose our 40th anniversary limited-edition hoodie as a thank-you gift! It’s a great way to let your peers in Alaska, Antarctica, and all points in-between know that you keep the whole world grooving to the sound of music that matters.




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