Wednesday Music News

photo by Morgen Schuler

  • Embracing their inner fashion star, Menomena’s Justin Harris and Danny Seim have raided a number of wardrobes for the video for the Moms track “Plumage”. Director Trevor McHahan explained that the video “is the ultimate illustration of the beautiful conflict in the band’s music… what better way to re-imagine that conflict than a Spaghetti Western-inspired Mexican standoff of plumaged badassery between Danny and Justin?” Looks like Jack White’s “Freedom at 21” just got a challenger for video of the year, which you can watch below:

  • of Montreal are prepping to release a rarities compilation collecting tracks from their prolific 2007 to 2012 period, and today, they’re giving away one of the tracks for free. “Feminine Effects”, a trippy lounge music ballad of sorts, is available for download over at Rolling Stone. The rest of the tracks arrive as parts of Daughter of Cloud on October 23rd.
  • Although the Walkmen’s excellent 2012 album Heaven has 13 solid tracks on it, the band managed to leave two off of the record, but on November 6th, they’re releasing them from the vault. “Dance With Your Partner” (stream it below) and “Vermeer ’65” will be released on 7″ vinyl as part of a limited run of 1000, and you can stream both tracks over at Soundcloud. The lucky first 100 fans to enter the door on their October 5th show at New York City’s Terminal 5 will also receive a copy of the 7″.

  • Because it’s been a minute since the Smiths reunion rumors reared their head, a whole bunch of people turned their heads when a new slew of rumors showed up on Monday. One of those people is Morrissey’s publicist, who squashed the rumors by saying, “The Smiths are never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever going to reunite – ever.” (Marr’s publicist also said something of a similar vein.) So until some blog decides to get some cheap page hits, we’ve got eight “ever”s and a “never” saying that there will be no Smiths reunion. (As if it wasn’t clear enough.)
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