Review Revue: Tex and the Horseheads

OK, so I was wrong about Bossanova. We’re now somewhere in between 100 and 200 on the countdown of the best albums of the past 40 years, and the Pixies have three albums on the list so far, including Bossanova and the perhaps even less beloved Trompe Le Monde. Since we haven’t seen Surfer Rosa or Doolittle yet, I can pretty much guarantee that this means the band’s entire catalog will be represented on this list. I guess this is not entirely surprising, but it is quite an achievement nonetheless.

But I’m not here to talk about the Pixies, or my terrible prediction skills. I’m here to talk about cool old records you’ve probably never heard of! I know I was confident in my prediction last week, but this time I am really, really confident that the self-titled LP from Tex and the Horseheads is not going to crack KEXP’s 1972-2012 list. Nothing against Texacala Jones and the gang – I’m sure it’s a great record – but there is one thing that pretty much every album that has made the list so far has in common: I – and most KEXP listeners – have heard of it. Sadly, this album has fallen through the cracks over the past 28 years and fails that one test. Odds are I would find if more enjoyable than some albums that have made the list, but that’s just the way these sorts of things go. Maybe if we all get into Tex and the Horseheads right now they will have a revival in time to make the 50-year list in a decade.

“This stuff seems to be the latest trend in Los Angeles – the uh, hardcore with a country twang. Texacala Jones is the most unusual female vocalist I’ve heard in awhile. This is T & HH’s first record, although they were on HCTYH 2.”

“Neil likes anything that remotely resembles the Dead now that takes guts around here.”

“Smog Vomit on bass?”

“I <3 SV!"

"Formerly of Smog Vomit & the Stupid Losers."


"This is really good. Some very amazing vocals. 'Clean the Dirt‘ has a cool intro.”

“This smokes, partner.”

“Maybe it sucks smokes?”

“This sucks, pilgrim.”

“This is daring & different & pretty well done. It takes guts to cover a Grateful Dead tune like ‘Big Boss Man.'”

“‘BBM’ [‘Big Boss Man’] is originally a Jim Reed tune covered by the GD, Tex, & many others.”

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