Review Revue: Spacemen 3 – The Perfect Prescription

Spacemen 3, formed thirty years ago and disbanded over twenty years ago, is one of those hallowed bands of the indie rock pantheon whose catalog can be somewhat intimidating to approach if you never got around to it at the time. Although they existed as a band for a relatively short time, they released four studio albums, three live albums, and countless singles, EPs, and unofficial albums of demos, bootlegs, and alternate takes. For a certain type of music nerd (many of whom might have been converted by KCMU broadcasts of this very record), a Spacemen 3 reunion is a holy grail of music fantasies, right up there with The Smiths and Husker Du, and, by all reports, about as likely.

As with those bands, however, we still have some wonderful creative output from the two primary personalities to enjoy: Jason Pierce’s Spiritualized (whose 2012 release Sweet Heart Sweet Light will no doubt have a place on many Best Of lists this year) and Sonic Boom, who has released piles of music under the names Spectrum and E.A.R., and has recently produced KEXP faves such as Panda Bear, MGMT, and Dean and Britta. And, of course, whether they ever reunite or not we will always have Spacemen 3 records like The Perfect Prescription.

“Trippy guitar work. If I was on the radio I would play it – at the very least ya gotta love the cover. -The work study girl”

“The Lou Reed ‘Street Hassle’ bit is kinda embarrassing.”

“I think this is way cool – if you like neo-psychedelia, you will, too! The vocals are kinda weak in spots, but not so’s you’ll be distracted from the cool guitar & farfisa work. Underground gods in England, I hear. A cross b’tween The Lips & Felt.”

“An LP w/varied styles & instruments that sounds like it could have been in a psychedelic ballroom in the ’60s. Well done + should be considered for rotation.”

“I didn’t like it much when it was added and now I like it less.”

“I think ‘Take Me for a Ride.” is intense.”

“These guys have been around on the reputable Glass Records Label for years + have always been excellent. Maximum exposure please. H

“Great listener response every time I play this.”


“This is way groovy – I know it’s been said before but I just wanted to say it again. Way groovy!”

“Play 1.2!”

“God I love this record! Let’s get all their stuff – Live OD, Performance, Sound of Confusion…”

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  1. Eric Leckbee
    Posted October 18, 2012 at 2:45 pm | Permalink

    The very mention of this record makes me want to do a variety of drugs. Which is a compliment.

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