Hell and High Water: WFMU needs your support

Public radio is already an endangered species, with so few great non-profit, independent programmers in our country today that you can count them on your hands. It doesn’t help that Mother Nature has caused havok to our sister stations, like WWOZ in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina and now WFMU in New Jersey, which took a beating during Hurricane Sandy two weeks ago. Due to electrical surges during the storm, WFMU suffered serious damages to computers and audio processing equipment as well as to their interconnectivity equipment that feeds the transmitters, both of which were knocked out for days. Besides that, WFMU was forced to cancel their annual Record Fair, one of their primary sources of fundraising. All of this and more (you can read about the storm and its effects on the WFMU blog) have put the station in jeopardy.

It is times like these, though, that supporters of independent radio come together. Just as in the aftermath of Katrina, WFMU stepped up to help WWOZ, now we all need to help the recovery of WFMU, one of the last bastions of freeform radio. You can do your part to help keep independent radio alive by giving a gift of support to WFMU’s Hell and High Water Hurricane Recovery efforts here or use the widget below:

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  1. kml
    Posted November 15, 2012 at 12:45 pm | Permalink

    this kinda of support and cooperation is so good to see. nice one, KEXP.

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