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  • Electronic music making husband/wife duo Peaking Lights will be releasing a remake of their most recent album Lucifer, on which they make their already dub heavy tracks into dub dance solid beauties. Lucifer in Dub will be out on December 11th, but you can listen to their re-working of “Dream Beat,” which is now the echo filled “My Heart Dubs 4 U,” below, and you you can hear them play 4 tracks from Lucifer live on KEXP here. [Impose]

  • Memory Tapes released a poppy new electronic track, “Neighborhood Watch,” from their upcoming Grace/Confusion, out on December 4th. Starting melodic and chilled out, the song adds a dark stream of synths over the lyrics while eventually building into an electronic eruption worthy of ecstatic dancing, or enthusiastic head bobs at the very least. [Impose]

  • Widowspeak has released a single off their upcoming Almanac, recorded in a hundred year old barn in upstate New York. Sure to charm, “Ballad of the Golden Hour” features the folky/reverby voice of Molly Hamilton over a simple but lovely acoustic guitar. Download it over at Impose.
  • Just in time for Thanksgiving, The National have given us this absolute gem of a cover. On Fox animated show Bob’s Burgers, Linda sings it first, with her warbly feminine voice, before their low slow cover. You can see both the original song, sung with interruptions from a less than enthused husband, as well as the cover at Vulture.
  • In punk celebration of Sonic Youth‘s album Smart Bar – Chicago 1985, which is being released this week, Pitchfork put together 5 live videos of Sonic Youth from 1985, featuring excellent quality footage of several of their shows, from London to Columbus, OH, as well as Kim and Thurston’s interview with Sublapse Video Magazine. [Pitchfork]

  • Seattle’s night bus herald Kid Smpl released an excellent mixtape late last week that you shouldn’t miss. Having only just released his Skylighting album to much ado, we’re all keeping an eye on this kid. With Friday Night Series: Music at 2 A.M., Joey ventures into a loner’s Friday night rituals, with sounds that perfectly echo the feeling of arriving home at 3AM to stare at streetlights bokeh refracted through raindrops in a dark apartment. Rainy winter’s here, and this mix is perfect for it. [Impose]
  • On the rap side of music news, Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire released a video today for his “The Message Pt. 1 & 2,” from Power & Passion. In the video, he raps in the woods to start while dancing and tugging on the cords of his hat with a friend, before the second half of the video, in which he raps on a fake Al Jazeera. [Stereogum]

  • Finally, wrapping up today’s news edition, is the awesomely cool news that Wu Tang members continue to branch out, with the announcement that GZA will be teaching rap alongside physics at inner city schools in NYC alongside Columbia professor Chistopher Emdin. As if releasing the cool rap/physics album Dark Matters wasn’t enough, GZA’s motivation for this project was the 4% attainment rate for science of African American students in the US. [FACT]
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