KEXP Suggests: Death Grips at Crocodile tonight!

Death Grips, one of 2012’s most startling new acts, has quickly become of the most well respected. All of it is deserved, though. Their sound is entirely unique to them – a mixture of spastic experimental electronic and screaming rap lines that has disoriented and blown the minds of quite a few people.

The band has an interesting history. Their 2012 major label debut The Money Store was a perfect balance of challenging and inviting (for those that consider anything by the above description to be inviting). A little sticker came with the CD and LP versions of the record, saying that the follow up album, NO LOVE DEEP WEB would be out in the fall. Soon after, the group announced and subsequently cancelled a large tour, explaining that they wanted to release the next record before they hit the road. Several months later, NO LOVE was finished, and the band wanted to release it immediately. But alas, Epic Records would not release their record until early 2013. So what is the most natural thing to do for a rising band to do after being handed a pretty sweet deal and being told what to do? Obviously, get kicked off the label. Death Grips released the tracks for NO LOVE DEEP WEB online without letting Epic know, complimented with some pretty illicit cover art. Several days later, after much hullabaloo, the label took down the band’s website and killed the album leak. MC Ride (Stefan Burnett) then posted the letter of infringement that Epic had sent the band on Twitter for the world to see. After their Twitter account was shut down, word got around that Epic had decided to drop Death Grips entirely.

Any band can piss people off for the hell of it. But Death Grips are a far cry from shock value profits. Both The Money Store and the dark, twisted mental battle of NO LOVE DEEP WEB are deep, challenging, and very rewarding pieces of art. Plus, Death Grips have been getting nothing but hype for their insane live show, which was dubbed the best of CMJ by many attendees. Live, their heady, skittering electronic beats and further stratified by Zach Hill’s live drums. MC Ride screams his head off like a maniac and Andy Morin fills in the rest of the noise with keys and samplers.

This show is going to blow your mind. For $15, this is a steal. Plus, Cities Aviv opening. See you tonight!

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  1. Devon Adams
    Posted February 28, 2013 at 1:01 pm | Permalink

    Where’s the photo credit? As a music reviewer who shoots live music in AZ, I always have the photo credit listed. :(

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