Review Revue: Psychic TV – Towards Thee Infinite Beat

Man, I kinda screwed this one up. I’ve been holding on to this here jpeg for a while, and a couple weeks ago I completely missed an opportunity to write about Genesis Breyer P-Orridge’s much-loved, long-lived band Psychic TV just before their live show here in Seattle. I could have actually had a timely post that had some relevance to current events for once! Alas, it was not to be. (Although if you’re reading this from Brooklyn or the Bay Area, you should know that Psychic TV is coming to you soon. Details here.)

Of all of the prolific, acclaimed artists I’ve covered in this series, Psychic TV might be one of the most intimidating to attempt to talk about. They’ve released an insane number of studio albums and even more live albums, played bajillions of shows, and had more people in the band over the years than most of my bands usually have in the audience at any given show. Honestly, I think I should just shut up now and let the KCMU folks do the talking.

“This will float you along on a cushion of BLISS. Acid house done right. H”

“1.2, 1.5 and 2.1 were my faves.”

“Very intriguing. Also very low key.”

“I’ve never figured I could enjoy this kid of music. Finally, PTV manage to put a touch of humanity to the sterility that house usually has. H would not be unreasonable.”

“And even Robert likes most of this a lot, especially IC Water.”

Very dance oriented + very nicely done. ‘S.M.I.L.E.'”


“Yup yippie finally! This is great. Some very nice working + sampling. H!”


“Why? The levels are normal, just part of that ‘low key’ sound. Pot medium. Great!”

“The intelligent, intelligible lyrics add a lot to an otherwise tired form. This is a very good record. I like 2-5.”

“Tired? It seems odd to refer to a genre that’s taking over the pop music world in Britain and the US as ‘tired.'”

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