Review Revue: Devo – Oh, No! It’s Devo!

1980s KCMU veterans probably remember the Spud Wars of 1982 with crystal clarity. On the occasion of the release of the fifth studio album (and the fifth in as many years) from synth-weirdos Devo, the gang were starkly divided in its reaction. Many seemed to feel that the group had worn out its welcome, having gone in a few short years from innovators to retreads. Perhaps they felt the opening track to Devo’s previous album, “Through Being Cool,” was a bit too on the nose. This was the 1980s, don’t forget, and even by 1982 synthesizer fatigue might have been setting in for those on the cutting edge of cool, such as our college DJ friends. There were still diehards who believed this album worthy of airplay, though, proudly spinning “Speed Racer” and “Peek-A-Boo” (the latter of which, on 7″ single, was one of my first musical purchases) at any opportunity.

So where do you stand on Oh, No! It’s Devo!? “Oh, no!” or “It’s Devo!”

“Pure potatoes for spud people…”

“NOTE: There was some trouble with the label on side one – so if you play the last track on side 1, be careful!”

“5 ugly guys from Akron getting real boring. Oh, no! is right.”

“It’s great! And besides, they’re not from New York!”

“Wherever they’re from, this is the same old stuff – nothing new or innovative.”


“Come on… it’s better than 1/2 of rotation!”

“True, it’s a little more homogenous than their other records, but the lyrics are good & the music is better than average.”


“Me too – again.”

“‘Speed Racer’ is funny.”


“This sucks the Big Potatoes.”

“Tuff – I like.”

“Take this LP, please.”

“Jams true to me spud of a heart.”

“Play ‘Speed Racer.'”

“In such times as these, the lyrics are so true. Keep it.”

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