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Low at Bumbershoot 2012 / photo by Morgen Schuler

  • Low are back with the less Tweedy influenced track “So Blue” from their upcoming album, The Invisible Way. Building to a humble intensity with piano and guitar alike, the track demonstrates that they’re still creating moving slowcore/indie music and not just slow music. Their album will be out March 13th via Sub Pop[Spin]

  • Folk-rock band The Cave Singers are streaming their new album Naomi at MTV Hive. Where other albums have operated as a “trilogy” according to Peter Quirk, with the new album, “We felt pretty free to be able to do something different and new, so we got out there and explored.” And the result is easy to hear, a new member, a new album, a new outlook. Check out our review of the track “Have to Pretend” here.

  • David Bowie has released a baffling new video for “The Stars (Are Out Tonight),” featuring Tilda Swinton who eventually turns into Bowie himself. But Swinton isn’t the only one who looks like Bowie in the video – the cast seems entirely comprised of models who look alike, are they boys or girls or Bowie or what? Bowie has said of the video, “a twenty first century moment in its convergence of age, gender and the normal/celebrity divide.” [Pitchfork]

  • The once anonymous LA-based duo Rhye are streaming their new album Woman  at Pitchfork Advance. Heavy on the r&b influences as well as bedroom vibes, the album is filled with breathy vocals by Mike Milosh over soulful beats created in collaboration with Robin Hannibal. Find out why Rhye’s identities remained undercover for so long straight from Mike himself.
  • Go stream New Moon, the new album from The Men, at Pitchfork Advance. I dare you. If you are a fan of the band’s previous work, you will be pleasantly surprised with what’s happening on New Moon. Starting with the almost folk/blues inspired “Open The Door” – this group of men invite you to re-imagine what it means to be men at all. This is rock but minus the totally distorted and completely raw energy they previously channeled over and over again. New Moon will be out on March 5th.
  • London duo Alunageorge has just released a new track via Zane Lowe on BBC 1 – “Attracting Flies” is a solid pop song from their upcoming album Body Music. If the track doesn’t convey the need to dance, shake, bump, or move in some way then I don’t know what does. Check it out below. [Pitchfork]

  • On the foot-tails of former Cold Cave member Justin Benoit‘s death, Wes Eiswold has released the beautiful anthem of a synthwave track “Oceans With No End,” the title track from their album to be released via Deathwish. “I love my life,” he sings over and over again – not your typical 80s influenced sentiment, which is precisely what gives the track such depth. Besides listening to the track below you can see the handwritten lyrics at FACT. [Stereogum]

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