Review Revue: Megadeth – So Far, So Good… So What!

I’ve never really been a metal guy, and I think I’ve probably heard less of Megadeth’s music than what little I’ve heard of some of the other giants of metal. Actually, I think those super-awkward scenes with Dave Mustaine in Some Kind of Monster pretty much sum up the entirety of my Megadeth knowledge. Luckily, KCMU DJ Toddcore seems to be a wealth of information on this band – you can see below for some actual information on the band.

What I can tell you is that So Far, So Good… So What! was the band’s third studio album, and seemingly also the third in their Ellipses Trilogy (following Killing Is My Business… and Business is Good! and Peace Sells… but Who’s Buying?).

And as you probably know, it is a pledge drive week. (Lame pledge drive tie-in alert!) I imagine that this might be the time in the pledge drive when, strung out on caffeine and adrenaline, jaws aching and weary brains running in circles, our tireless DJs might be thinking “So far, so good . . . so what!” Give ‘em a call to keep ‘em going through the final push, why doncha? You don’t want to hear John throw on “In My Darkest Hour” tomorrow morning, do you?

“As with the last 2 Megadeth LPs, it takes a few listens to get. The ‘Anarchy’ [in the UK, Sex Pistols] cover is kind of lame but a nice tribute, features Steve Jones on Guitar. My two favorite songs are 2.3 + 2.4. ‘Hook in Mouth’ is a great anti-PMRC song. [Kids, ask your parents, or aunts or uncles.] A very good one to play. ‘In My Darkest Hour’ is a tribute to Metallica bass player Cliff Burton who was killed last year in a tour bus accident. And for those who don’t know, Dave Mustaine (singer, writer, guitarist) was in the original line-up of Metallica and was responsible for much of their writing on their first 2 LPs. If that helps out. This is a good LP from a thinking man’s metal band (yes) whose philosophy is ‘death to noise metal.’ Give it a try.”

“Wimpy record company. See sticker on back lower right corner. The band should’ve said ‘No way.'”

“Mustaine is actually quite intelligent. What a relief. In this ‘Genre’ it’s so rare.”

“Anarchy is also a big red dot.”

“Well they look goofy and swety but this is a fun record to play.”

“Any band Jim & Tammi [again, ask your elders] hate, I like, so I adore this particular work.”

“Mustaine is god.”

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