Review Revue: Slint – Tweez

What can I say about Slint that I didn’t already say in my 2008 Spiderland post? I kept it short back then, but I pretty much covered the bases: they were an excellent band that has been very influential over the years and they were phenomenal live, even almost twenty years after anyone thought they’d be playing shows. I knew all this back in the ’90s but it took me a long time to have the patience to sit down with their records – or I should really say “record,” because Spiderland was really the only one I listened to. By the time I had heard of them their entire output was posthumous and part of the College Rock Canon, so I have no real excuse. Spiderland does seem to be the “go-to” Slint album, but considering how much I loved the recorded output of Steve Albini from an early age I should have been all over Tweez, their first album, which has Albini’s engineering fingerprints all over it. It’s fascinating to see the KCMU response to the debut album from a band that would become so beloved.

“Rumor has it this was produced + engineered by Steve Albini. Certainly has that sound, but still pretty mellow. [If this is mellow, I wonder what he would have thought of the Fleet Foxes?] Good LP.”

“Sounds pretty much like an Albini production. Big heavy drums, pulled way up front. Vocals are kind of covered up by everything else. There are some great guitar riffs here. Good choice for M.”

“This LP just kinda makes me wanna hear the forthcoming TAD that’s produced by Albini. This was a really cool photo on the cover. Until Ratboy put a sticker in the middle of it.”

“He moved it. Really, he did.”

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