Video Roundup: Remembering Kurt

Few artists resonate so strongly with KEXP listeners and all Seattle music fans as Kurt Cobain. His band, Nirvana, wasn’t the first to break out of the Northwest nor did their groundbreaking breakthrough, Nevermind, sell the most among their contemporaries, but Cobain probably represented more of the local attitude of the early 90’s than anyone else. Born in Aberdeen, an old milling town near Washington’s coast, and shuffled between fragments of a broken family, misunderstood and disenchanted at school, Cobain found a home in the 80’s NW punk scene and would eventually change not only Northwest music but rock in general forever with just three studio albums. Though today, 19 years after Kurt Cobain’s death, marks a terrible loss for us all, his music will remain his legacy:

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  1. Dragan
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  2. Carson
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    I just met Krist Novoselic underneath the space needle 2 weeks ago! Some friends and I were heading to Veggie Fest, I was still hungover from the night before but for some reason I recognized this tall, older looking gentleman with a ratty medium length beard, standing looking at what I think was a map of the park. I tried to keep my cool as I approached him. I held out my hand and totally went blank on his name. “Hey, aren’t you that Nirvana guy?” I asked. He was cool and allowed me to take a picture. He asked me how my day was and if I was from the area, I said am a huge fan, blah blah blah… Then out of nowhere, idiotry took over and I blurted out, “so, are you a vegetarian too?” Thinking that everyone in seattle in that proximity must be down at the convention center for Veggie Fest. Guess what, he isn’t and I think I was immediately filed away in his memory as being a weirdo fan. Poor guy has to deal with us dumb ass fans all the time.
    Anyway, thanks KEXP for the vids. Great stroll down memory lane.
    Always a loyal fan,

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