Record Store Day with Stevie Zoom and DJ Assistant Jon Hamilton

They’re making a list, and checking it twice — no, not Santa Claus, the KEXP DJs! Record Store Day is coming up on Saturday, April 20th, and our DJs are more excited than a kid on Christmas morning. Yesterday, DJ Kevin Cole shared his wishlist and shopping tips, and today we have a chat with seasoned record-hunter DJ Stevie Zoom, and our long-time Afternoon Show DJ assistant Jon Hamilton.

How early do you wake up for Record Store Day?

Jon: I’m going to be in line an hour and fifteen minutes before Silver Platters opens. People are going to be lined up at Easy Street Records before bars close in West Seattle. Easy Street Records is the first record store on the west coast to open on Record Store Day, so it’s always crazy.

Stevie, which stores are you going to?

Steve: I don’t want to tell you. That’s part of my strategy. I hope to be at that store an hour ahead of time with a mega cup of coffee.

Jon: You just have to drink it slow since you’ll be in there for an hour.

Have you ever fought over a record, where there was only one copy left?

Steve: I’ve not had a fight over a record, but I did have a record in my hand of which the store only had one copy, and a voice behind me said, “Has anybody seen…” and, I, uh…

Jon: You can admit who it was.

Steve: It was the Grateful Dead’s Live at Winterland record. And I proudly held it up and said, “Yeah, I’ve seen it right here in my hand.”

Jon: Which I wouldn’t have done! I’d be afraid it would turn into a fight. I would’ve tucked it under my arm.

Steve: I did think of that for a few seconds, but it was more fun this way.

Do you guys have any favorite Record Store Day purchases from previous years?

Steve: One of my favorites was the Beth Ditto/Simian Mobile Disco EP. Also, Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros’ Benefit Concert For Striking Firefighters.

Jon: I got The Breeders Fate to Fatal EP in 2009. It’s hand-numbered and the cover is hand-screenprinted by the band. I’ve always imagined that Kim Deal personally screenprinted mine. There was also this really cool live 7″ a few years ago — one side is Bonnie “Prince” Billy, and the other side is Lou Barlow. That was really limited, I want to say about 300 copies or something ridiculous, and it took me a while to find that one. I had to go to three different stores.

Is that how many you tend to hit on average?

Jon: Historically, I’d hit three, but this year, I might only go to one.

Steve: In the past, I’ve hit two stores, because I’ve also been on the air here. This will be the first Record Store Day that I don’t have to work.

Jon: I have to work on the weekends, too, but I always use vacation time for Record Store Day.

Steve: I’ve thought about that.

Do you have any Record Store Day strategies?

Steve: One suggestion is to visit record stores in the middle of the following week, because sometimes shipments are late.

Stevie Zoom’s 2013 Record Store Day Wishlist:
Alejandro Escovedo/Chris Scruggs 10″ 78rpm
Best Coast 7″ Fear of My Identity
Casket Girls s/t 12″ EP
Elizabeth Cook & Jason Isbell 7″
Donny Hathaway 7″ Need My Love
Fela 12″ Sorrow Tears & Blood
Old 97s & Waylon Jennings 2×7″
Richard Thompson 7″ Salford Sunday (He signed the b-side of 25 random copies)
Frank Turner 7″ Recovery
(v/a) Cotillion Records Soul 45s (1968-1970) 7″ box set

Jon Hamilton’s 2013 Record Store Day Wishlist:
-White Stripes “Elepahant”
-Frightened Rabbit “Midnight Organ Fight”
-Built to Spill “Live”
-Casket Girls “Casket Girls”
-Flaming Lips “Zaireeka”
-Willie Nelson “Crazy”
-Sigur Ros “Agaetis Byrjun”
-Dazed and Confused

-Black Keys/Stooges
-Grouplove/Frightened Rabbit/Manchester Orchestra
-Willie Nelson
-Ty Segall
-South Park

-Mumford & Sons

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