Hood to Hood 2013: Kithkin

Named after a race of diminutive creatures in Magic: The Gathering, Kithkin‘s energetic, uplifting indie rock is the type of music that gets the cops called over to house shows (in the best way possible). Although the band’s aesthetic is clearly a fantastical one – the self-described “Cascadian youth tribe”‘s Facebook page lists their members as Spirit Treader, Tin Woodsman, Bigfoot Wallace, and Shredder – but aside from the vivid lyrical images that “Tin Woodsman” paints, the Seattle quartet’s Cascadian youth tribe’s music carries hallmarks of ’80s D.I.Y. punk, raucous early 2000s indie rock, and the epic proportions of ’70s stadium rock. There aren’t many bands that can pull off a lyric like “I was a celibate prostitute/I was a zebra with bleached blonde hair”, but when a band explodes with the energy of four restless twentysomethings living out their wildest dreams, it almost doesn’t matter what they’re saying.

Their performance started, quite literally, with a bang. All four members were pounding on the drums during “Fallen Giants” and really pumped up the crowd. Vocal/Keyboardist Bob “Bigfoot Wallace” Martin even jumped off stage early on and ran through the audience shaking maracas to get everyone pumped. A perfect convergence of UW students leaving class for lunch, Husky fans lining up for free t-shirts and Kithkin fans filled the UW’s Red Square to its height so far today and fed the the band’s intensity to a full on frenzy. Songs like “Altered Beast” showcased the sheer power of their combined vocals and set closer “Sorcery” was more like “Scorcher”! The photos here capture only a fraction of their energy, so you have to see them live.

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