Wednesday Music News

photo by Dave Lichterman

  • The XX have a new slow burning sultry track “Together” created for the upcoming film adaptation of The Great Gatsby. Unlike previous songs this one for the film becomes almost drone like – “together” they sing over and over, while a backing score swells over, classically dramatic in the most perfect cinematic way. Also interesting to note – the whole soundtrack was curated by Jay-Z. [Pitchfork]

  • Just in case you missed it – this morning we had the pleasure to premiere “Ísjaki” from one of our absolute favorites Sigur Ros. Beautifully dizzying, “Ísjaki” is a howling ride through a dark but oddly uplifting place. Check out the lyric video for the track below.

  • Among the best gauzy reverb-wave bands coming out of Austin, or anywhere for that matter, is Pure X – today they’ve release a second single, “Thousand Year Old Child” from their upcoming album Crawling Up The Stairs. Where “Thing is my Head” was almost smoky and even sad in that bluesy way, this track goes back to their absolutely gorgeous rippling layers of guitars and heartfelt drowning vocals. [GvB]

  • Psychedelic jammer Sinkane has a video for “Warm Spell” – and it feels just like laying in the sun, feeling your blood warming, the sun in your eyes. It isn’t “upbeat” or even “happy,” just sultry in that perfect way, with afrobeats filling in the back, paired with a wavering warbly guitar line glistening in and out. [Stereogum]

  • Not gonna lie – MNDR‘s video for “Faster Horses” is very strange. But – I guess a song that has the lyrics “faster horses” would be pretty strange. We see Amanda Warner riding on many different horses – sometimes animated my-little-pony, sometimes stop motion – and defending… herself? Not totally sure but the song is catchy upbeat electronic – good for the coming summer. [Stereogum]

  • You guessed it – the Vampire Weekend and Steve Buscemi saga is not ended. Possibly not even near ended. Should I still be posting these? The thing is they are actually funny – even if I totally felt injured when Buscemi did. Why does he feel injured? Let’s just say the boys of Vampire Weekend aren’t exactly good at being grateful and/or humoring the guy. Also – Big Lebowski homages make this video perfect. Not sure I even care about the actual show they are, well, Buscemi is, trying to promote. [Stereogum]

  • Today Grimes/Claire Boucher published a long post on her tumblr in which she offers both her love at how amazing her world tour has gone, while she also reveals the reality of how women are treated in the music industry, aka how she has been treated throughout the tour. Boucher doesn’t shie away from being real – you can read the entire manifesto on her tumblr.
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