Review Revue: Nikki Sudden and Dave Kusworth: Jacobites – Pin Your Heart to Me

One thing I’ve noticed over the years I’ve been writing these blog posts is that I should really know more about the English city of Birmingham and its music. While it might not have the name recognition of Manchester, Liverpool, and London to those of us outside of the UK, Birmingham has produced a disproportionate number of excellent and important artists, a handful of whom we’ve covered here. From The Moody Blues and Traffic, through Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, and Dexy’s Midnight Runners, to Editors (and probably many more fine current bands), Birmingham has proved itself to be fertile musical ground indeed.

Today, we add to the mix Jacobites, aka Nikki Sudden and Dave Kusworth, formerly of Swell Maps and the Subterranean Hawks respectively. This single (or EP?) seems to have made quite an impression at KCMU – at least to those who cared to comment on the album and not ironically bicker about “relevance.” I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw more posts about Sudden, Kusworth, and Swell Maps down the line.

“This record’s many things: Beautiful + transcendent; tortured + black; achingly mournful; blatantly hopeful. At any rate, it’s honest, poignant and pretty darn relevant. AND completely unaffected and unpretentious.”

“A side 45 rpm. B side 33-1/3 rpm. Now, that’s relevant.”

“I like this.”

“Nikki used to be in Swell Maps.”

“Great! And on Glass Records as well.”

“So when do we get the album. I saw it at Tower.”

“If either of these gents walked into the station and asked if anybody’d go on a date w/’em would they get any yea-sayers?”

“Is that relevant?”

“In short: no.”

“Relevant?! Whoa! I should hope that everything written on these stickers is relevant. At least as relevant as the minds their spawned from.”

Jon I believe you meant ‘they’re’ and not ‘their’ in your 8th line down below.” [Yet more relevance!]

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