Wednesday Music News

photo by Christopher Nelson

  • We’ve always known Nathan Williams had a sense of humor, but Wavves‘ new video for “That’s on Me” feels both humorous and deadly serious. Sometimes you are just mad and need a cheerleader and a … sword? The video pairs destruction born of frustration and the playful metal-wannabe riffing of Williams singing “that’s on me.” [Pitchfork]

  • In anticipation of their upcoming album, An Object, No Age has released “No Ground”, another anthemic guitar driven killer of a track that’s gracefully layered and complex. “Who do you think you are? Trying to get backstage … the line is set in stone!” they shout, “Does anybody care?” It seems pretty tongue in cheek, the mocking those of call for a status quo of concert-goers. All the voices get mixed up though – who’s asking who, who they are? [NPR]

  • Arctic Monkeys have returned with another sexy heavy stoner anthem chock full of both angst and a sexy-trucker lady music video.”Do I Wanna?” sounds a bit like the White Stripes, and the videos black and white slightly psychedelic tone feels a bit like that too. But everything is a bit off kilter, like the sexy ladies who might be a bit too tough for fantasy, who eventually lead the viewer on a downward spiral through a cartoon induced trip.[Stereogum]

  • Hunx & His Punx are never lacking in controversy. They released their own contribution to “Masterbates Theatre” yesterday. In “Punk Street Trilogy”, they confess to their “Bad Skin,” that they think “Everyone’s a pussy (Fuck you)”, and please, even if you think I am, “Don’t Call me Fabulous”. It’s a wild punk ride and we can’t promise you won’t end up with a stick ‘n’ poke, but hey, give it a try! [Noisey]

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