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Born Ruffians

Photo by Bebe Besch

  • Today’s Happy to Be Alive award goes to Born Ruffians for their new video of “Needle”. You probably don’t need more than the lyrics “I’m the same as everyone, spinning underneath the sun” and a couple bottles of rooftop champagne and piggy-back-rides to make the point. Oh, it’s only Wednesday morning? Well, the weekend will be here soon enough. [SPIN]

  • Can’t say it better than Colbert Nation’s own website: “After learning he didn’t get ‘daft punk’d,’ Stephen throws up his hands and decides to dance.” Watch the hilarious video here:

  • England’s King Krule has a video for his track “Easy Easy” out today. In in, the gravelly voiced 18-year-old lays himself on the line, along with the restlessness of being young and the know-it-all emotions that get mixed up with wanting more. “If we’re going through hell we just keep going,” he sings as he wanders in an over-sized suit across rooftops, train tracks, and graffiti covered streets. [Pitchfork]

  • “Maxim’s I” starts in static, but soon gives way to a lilting eerie ballroom ballad as Julia Holter‘s voice emerges like a ghost in a long abandoned castle. Following her almost glitchy “In The Green Wild”, this third single from her upcoming album gives us an idea of just how diverse yet cohesive it will be. [Stereogum]

  • I don’t know if everyone went through an absurdist/metaphysical/surrealist phase when they were young, but the new video for Oneohetrix Point Never‘s “Problem Areas” off his upcoming album, R Plus Seven, is pretty much a dream in that regard. Visual tricks abound in Escher-esque still-life and Dali level symbolism (melting bikes, clocks, bananas, brick structures), while the digital symphony of the track illuminates the scenes. [Stereogum]

  • Last night Rhye performed here in Seattle as part of a KEXP sponsored show at Neumo’s, and today Rhye released a vintage mash-up video for their track “3 Days”. Ladies are jubilant and sometimes a little awkward, but that seems to be what Rhye relishes, the moments of beauty when the music is loud and the watched person is inadvertently beautiful. [Pitchfork]

  • Though totally unsurprising, it has come to light that Death Grips never planned to attend their Lollapalooza show! Fans went to their show and found a strange stage set-up – a suicide note was projected onto the wall, a small drum kit was set up, and Death Grips was being played via an ipod. Turns out that’s exactly how they wanted it to go! The only thing better than Death Grips doing an art piece like this would be if they somehow were able to keep this under wraps for more than one show. But in case you were planning on seeing them over the next month or so, you might want to wait ’til they’re done with this current stunt. [NME]
  • Seattle’s Monogamy Party have a new track that screeches and wails through about 3 minutes. “Ashamed” is nothing to be ashamed of though. The jagged track somehow perfectly balances the shouting with the shredding, the heavy head-banging bass with the energy of a street punk. Catch them on Audioasis on September 7th. [SW]

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