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MGMT with Cheryl Waters / photo by Hillary Harris

  • MGMT is apparently very much interested in collaborating with the “Hobo Rocket” band Pond in the future. Talking about their forthcoming self-titled album, VanWyngarden said it is “less distraught, nervous and paranoid” than the last – and “Your Life is a Lie” is both confident and absurd, allowing them to embrace both their surreal tendencies alongside pop possiblities. [NME]
  • Sub Pop’s DIY rockers No Age are currently streaming their album An Object from start to finish. Lurching and at times almost totally jagged, the album is a quick 30 minutes of noisy dissonance – a little rough around the edges from something the duo hand built. And that’s not just the recordings and riffs, they pieced together the CDs, the boxes for the vinyl, they did all of it. [Pitchfork]

  • As his involvement with numerous bands as well as his own prolific level of constantly recording and performing would suggest, Ty Segall has many identities. Today, you can hear one not so often visited – in  Sleeper, Segall visits himself in sleep. This one is about a darkly rough time in his life, losing his father to cancer, moving to LA, losing contact with his mother. “I don’t want to sleep all day” he sings, while the opening tracks spirals repetitively into dreams, dream’s dreams, and finally sleep. Stream at NPR.
  • Erlend Øye, or one half of Kings of Convenience, recently moved to Italy from Norway for a sunny year of listening to 60s and 70s Italian pop records and it couldn’t be clearer from his track “La Prima Estate”. Friends bounce and bob through the video while a flute bubbles throughout the cinematic track. [Stereogum]

  • Duo Summer Camp have a simple new video for their disco-twee track “Fresh”. There’s something a little sickly about the sweetness with which the track reveals itself – adorable sincerity is laced with “I will try to forget about you” while singer Elizabeth Sankey dances, at times moving backwards rather than forwards. [Stereogum]

  • Nashville’s best or worst named band, Diarrhea Planet, is streaming their album I’m Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams at Spin, where you can read comments about each track from the band. These include various total bummer stories about being young, listless and uncertain as well as seeing dead bodies and watching your fan oscillate. [Spin]
  • Italy’s His Electro Blue Voice is releasing Ruthless Sperm on Sub Pop the same day as No Age’s latest – and you can stream it below today as well. Full of the propulsive screaming and waterlogged guitars, the album varies from low and slow to high and heavy – but is consistently one thing: loud. [MTV Hive]

  • “I am just an echo of an echo”, Trent Reznor sings on “Copy of A”, a dizzying studio version of a new Nine Inch Nails track. In keeping with his statement that the upcoming album is “sparse and minimal”, the new song is just those two things – and yet lacks none of the emotional depth and driving beats that are what we love about NIN. [Rolling Stone]

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