Monday Music News

  • If you had any doubts that Prince was in touch with current pop culture (or had a sense of humor), the purple-loving icon not only made headlines last week by starting up a Twitter account (@3rdeyegirl) but also just released the jaw-droppingly funny new artwork to his latest single, “Breakfast Can Wait,” featuring Dave Chappelle dressed as Prince from the comedian’s 2004 “True Hollywood” skit. “Game: Blouses.” [Pop Spy]
  • LA duo The Soft Metals get trippy in their video for “Lenses” in which rippling geometric projections take on the shapes of the electro-pop track. “Breaking through my concept of life” sums up the sentiment – here traditional life is replaced with one of ritual and ecstatic colored visuals. [Stereogum]

  • Spiritualized‘s new video for “I Am What I Am” from Sweet Heart Sweet Light isn’t exactly the chipper Monday morning wake-up call you might have been looking for. Instead, the video traverses an American landscape known by many but ignored by others, a bleak semi-rural California town filled with lack-luster non-achievements of television and petty vandalism. Rory Culkin wanders aimlessly, before a final act of revolt breaks the monotony with both beauty and magic. [Dazed Digital]

  • No Age‘s current album is being released tomorrow, and they’ve given us a video for “An Impression”, a track and video that both waver the album’s jagged edges in their impressionistic low tones and flickering colors. Strings enter at the end as the saturated colors gain full force in their quiet emotionalism. [Pitchfork]

  • The Replacements‘ line-up has finally solidified for their upcoming tour – the final line-up has added Josh Freese as drummer and David Minehan. Previously Bob Stinson had said that they were not going to ask former drummer Chris Mars because it was certain he would say no. Luckily, Freese was with the group for their L.A. Sessions, and both are sure to be welcome additions for the shows. [Pitchfork]
  • You can stream Julianna Barwick‘s jubilant ambient new album, Nepenthe, at GvsB. Full of the same glistening vocals that loop seemingly endlessly into sunbathed skies, the album is, almost needless to say, breathtaking. While not exactly a sonic break for Barwick, Nepenthe expands familiar territory, including beautiful photographs of Iceland by Derrick Belcham taken while recording the album.
  • Seattle pop duo Lemolo announced today that they will be parting ways – Meagan will continue on as Lemolo and Kendra will “forge a new path.” So, fans, you’ve got twice as much to look forward to. [Lemolo]
  • Nine Inch Nails has released another track from the upcoming album – “Everything” is a thrash-worthy track of fuzzy guitars and relentless drums. [Pitchfork]

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