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Jacuzzi Boys by Greg Stonebraker

  • Jacuzzi Boys, a.k.a. Miami’s fun-in-the-hot-tub boys of warm and fuzzy summer garage crooning, have “Be My Prism” from their upcoming self-titled album on Hardly Art. Not only catchy and pretty, the track gets steadily more both of those things as it progresses. Their album will be out on September 10th. [Fader]

  • If anyone can throw a party where the theme is “Quit your bitching”, it’s Diarrhea Planet – and it looks pretty difficult to complain in their video for “Separations”. You can safely assume this is what all parties in Nashville look like, with sparklers everywhere that seemingly never run out of steam, some mild cannibalism, swimming pools at night, and a collage of guitar playing guys shouting their anthem. [Stereogum]

  • Kings of NYC DIY or Lost Boys of Shea Stadium, The So So Glos have a new, high definition video for “Lost Weekend” from their spring release. Establishing them in NYC as boys who treat the gigantic city like a small town brought together by sports or… I don’t know, something better than sports like hot dog’s from a favorite street vendor or early morning escapes from your girlfriend’s house or how about a rooftop show? All of the above please. [Stereogum]

  • M.I.A. has a jerky new love song from her upcoming album. “UNBREAK my Mixtape” is an ode to making a mixtape for someone you loved regardless of the current torment taking place. And after a moment of lurching poetics the track dives right into the mixed-up space of sampling and emotions: “Here’s a mixtape that I made while we take a break”. [Pitchfork]

  • Today, Sub Pop swam through their archives and came back with the original contract Nirvana signed in 1989 for the price of $600, which, apparently, Sub Pop did not have at the time. While this document is fascinating on the side of Nirvana lovers, it’s also interesting that they chose to release it now. The document both shows how a record label could quickly get into serious financial problems by promising too much, as perhaps happened recently with Manic Pop! in Minnesota, but also suggests to all the start-up labels around town that there’s nothing wrong with taking a risk on something you believe in. In fact, it might just change the course of music/record label history. See it at Sub Pop‘s tumblr.
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