Review Revue: Scruffy the Cat – Tiny Days

There are certain bands – and I know every city has them – that you really had to have lived in a certain city at a certain point in time for them to penetrate your consciousness. Scruffy the Cat was most certainly one of those bands, and since I grew up in their city (Boston) in their decade (the 1980s), their name instantly calls that place and time to mind. To be honest, I don’t think I could tell you what they sounded like, beyond a vague “rock” descriptor, but listening to WBCN and college radio, reading club listings, and shopping in the city’s finer used record shops, I know I heard and read their name (and their music) time and time again over the years.

Whatever the KCMU DJs thought of old Scruffy (and it’s nice to see at least a few people dug ‘em), it’s heartening just to see that their record made it all the way over to Seattle, got a little bit of airplay, and that the band was even “welcomed” by KCMU to a show at the Backstage. (Oh wait, I guess I just disproved my original thesis. Well, I’m very happy to see that Scruffy the Cat made their way out here and penetrated a few consciousnesses west of the Mississippi.)

The band reunited briefly a couple years ago to raise money for frontman Charlie Chesterman‘s cancer treatment. I haven’t been able to find much news about Chesterman in the past year, so I hope all is well. Best wishes from Seattle, Charlie!

“Honestly… this is some lame ass music. But I’ll play it under the guise of variety.”

“No catnip for you. And I shall take away your scratching post. This is one cat I like.”

“What? No McCaughey writing credits?”

“Boy, these guys ROCKED!”

“Yeah, but nothing so spectacular that hasn’t been done better already.”

“Like the sheep song, right?”

“Or ‘Hey Bop a Rebop.'”

“Oooh, 2 vs. 1! You guys are so tough.”

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  1. DVD
    Posted November 5, 2013 at 10:28 am | Permalink

    Charlie didn’t make it. I am profoundly sad. The man was a mentor and great guy to have in the studio. Part of my heart is broken.

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